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Acute Bronchitis & RA

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Hi, Just asking if anyone else has had acute bronchitis & how long it took to clear up? Been ill 10 days am on 2000mg amoxicillin & 30mg prednisolone & can honestly say don’t really feel much better! Im still coughing like a barking dog & retching & vomiting & am so worn out. Now, I also have the added irritation of very itchy feet & legs.. on top of this my RA is flaring & hands neck & shoulders are agony.. have left my subcutaneous MTX off on GPS advice.. taken my antibiotics religiously, drank gallons of fluid & stayed in with the heating on resting as required, anything else I can do to get rid of this horrible infection? Thank you xx

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Hi. Try clearing your lungs using a technique called postural drainage. It helps clear the phlem in your lungs. You can also take deep breaths while pursing your lips. Do it a few times and you'll hear a crackle in your lungs. Both of these techniques will lessen the strain of trying to cough and help you get rid the phlem.

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How do you do the postural drainage? Xx

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Go down on all four. Let your forehead touch the ground. Take deep breaths and exhale slowly

Yes, I now get asthmatic bronchitis and it lays me up for about 3 weeks every time. I am also now a chronic asthmatic. Never had asthma until I got sick either. I have used all my sick leave so am terrified as winter is about to hit this side of the world. eeekkkkk

Good luck and I hope you feel better soon

Ooh so can you become asthmatic through RA? I didn’t know that but the emergency doctor asked me if I ever had asthma! Xx

No idea but I have developed chronic asthma now. I guess it can affect the lungs, not sure really. Mind you I think when you have a disease they blame everything on it. Like smokers, the medical profession blames everything that they get on smoking.

BTW have they tested for whooping cough. I just ask as you say you are vomiting too. Unless your bronchitis is bacterial antibiotics don't really help. It can take weeks to recover from it though. Do you have a humidifier? I found the moistened air helped a lot with the dry coughing. I hope you turn a corner soon.

Thank you you’re probably right.. I suppose our Italian holiday in 3 weeks will have to be cancelled xx

I wouldn't cancel it. Go back to the Dr and let them know that you are no better. Definitely get a humidifer, if you don't have one, from the chemist and have it on day and night in the room you are in. It is amazing how much help the moistened air is. Sounds like you are also having a reaction to the antibiotics. Definitely go back to the Dr for a review. It often takes a few weeks for the bronchitis virus to get out of the body, but go. don't give up hope yet of your holiday. Good luck and let us know how you

Thank you very much am planning To see the doctor Tuesday xx

Well let's wish for a speedy recovery from here on. Hopefully your Dr will get you on the right stuff to combat what is going on

Never found amoxicillin any good, it's a broad spectrum antibiotic. I had 2 lots of the stuff. Radiographer moaned about it when i was extremely breathless with early RD, got swapped to clarythromicin: result! I'd go back to GPs as it's not working x

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Thank you I will ask them to come out again as just not up to going to the health Centre xx

I have had asthma and bouts of bronchitis since I was in my teens. It is an auto immune illness and so is RA so it is very likely that you can get both. I have had times when it has taken about six weeks for a bout of bronchitis to clear up completely. It is a horrible and exhausting illness.

I had 17 ourses of antibiotics and nine xrays in eighteen months and my great RA nurse said ask for a sputum test . I did and had MRSA in the lungs resitant to a lot of antibotics and Cylindrical Brochectastasis. I saw a Respitory Consultant and am just fine as the right antibiotics which were ususual was prescibed along with steriods to help them. Now on propherlactic ones as very suseptable to infection. But thats just fine as I feel great now. So it might be worth getting another appointment with GP to do a sputum test if its not better in another week or so.

I was diagnosed with bronchiectasis a few months ago. I also have asthma. Due to a recurring chesty cough on and off for 9 months my GP gave me antibiotics and ordered a chest X-ray. The X-ray showed swollen lymph glands so GP wanted a sputum specimen Which showed a bacterial infection. I had more antibiotics prescribed.

The rheumatologist also wanted me to have s X-ray in same week as gp. This X-ray appeared Normal. My lungs sounded clear when checked over the months. I was told that there was a virus about Which is lasting a long time.

After antibiotics I had another specimen this again showed a bacterial infection.

Rhuematology referred me to their respiratory department following a scan was found to have bronchiectasis.

I have a antibiotic rescue pack at home but not needed to use yet. I have a chesty cough all the time but I now have chest exercises to do to help keep my lungs clear.

I had a history of bronchitis as a child and early adult.

There is a you tube film about chest exercises. I put in chest exercises for bronchiectasis

Bronchiectstatis did cross my mind. I hope I do not have it.. as you say this all started with a serious bout of flu virus nearly 9 weeks ago which doesn’t want to go away. Thank you very much for your post. Did you continue your Methotrexate as I am off mine until it clears up x

Yes I continued my methotrexate consultant said continue. X

Hi Juliachoo

Although they have taken you off MTX (wisely) demand a chest X-ray and MRI. I had a cough for 8 weeks with my Dr throwing antibiotics at me and ended up in hospital with serious pneumonia. Also your lungs should be checked regularly (although it is rare they will do this) and the MTX has given me interstitial lung disease from not being checked.

I’m sure you are fine but it’s not a drug you mess around with. You know your body and if it’s not normal get checked out. Also I have found you have to fight hard on MTX to get things done so good luck!

This isn’t to frighten you.... I’m sure you are fine after all the immune system is battered which can make things last longer and be more severe but if I’d known.... in hindsight I would have pushed harder for tests and not just accepted more antibiotics thrown at me.

Wishing you all the best

KitKatDude 😊

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Thank you, my thoughts are running along the same lines...what are the symptoms of interstitial lung disease? Am actually feeling a little better today after a good 8-10 weeks of feeling grotbags. Starting tomorrow asking for tests...thank you xx

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I’m so pleased to hear you are feeling a little better ...hopefully you are feeling even better (sorry for delay in replying)

There are no symptoms of interstitial lung disease until its taken hold but I had lots of chest infections that wouldn’t go away. Then I was fine for a long while.... then I got another one.... and it wouldn’t go away. So that’s a starter! Wheezing, breathlessness, clubbing of fingers are signs when it’s established BUT Don’t measure those symptoms whilst you are ill.... chest infections are going to make you wheezy etc.

I’m glad you are going to ask for extra tests..... mine wasn’t discovered by a chest x ray but an MRI scan. Also I’d been on methotrexate for about 4 years and as I said constantly getting chest infections that wouldn’t go away.

I think the fact that yours has been hanging on so long it would be wise to ask for both the above

8 to 10 weeks is far too long for the doctor not to question why you aren’t getting better... again it’s rare that it will be interstitial lung disease but don’t take chances with this drug.

Bless you, what a horrible time you’ve had. Please don’t let my advice frighten you..... I was on it for a good 4 years for the damage to be done. I just think people should be aware that if something isn’t going away with antibiotics..... then question the doctor. Sending you sunshine ☀️ and hoping you get even better quickly xx

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