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Changing from injection to tablets MTX


As the title says I changed 3weeks ago am finding the fatigue overwhelming. come home from work sleep 3/4 hours each day and struggle to get back up for a few hours then back to bed as am up very early in the morning for work. Am not feeling any sickness as yet and not having flare. Feel a relief at not having to face the injections. I take half my tablets of mtx in the morning and then half at bedtime.

Thanks for listening.

Take care Carol

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Yes I'm the same on tablets... Total wipe out! Still got some pain and swelling too unfortunately. I was thinking of asking for injections.

I hope the exhaustion wears off for you soon.


Thanks for posting Carol; I'm considering it, fed up with nausea but don't want fatigue either, swings n roundabouts eh? 😊


Hi Carolsos. I also used to inject, 25mg but my liver function became elevated and I started to get needle phobic. After a short rest (I also take Leflunomide) Rheumy put me on MTX tablets, at a much lower dose, 7.5mg. Like you, I felt relieved not to have to inject. :-)

Carolsos in reply to Hidden

I am on the same dose as injection of 20mg I also take hydrochloride and leflumamid, but ATM am suffering with very painful left foot pain. Had a ultrasound about 3weeks ago but not heard anything back yet. Being on my feel for 7 hours straight do not do me any favours either. So think after Easter will ring consultant as it was him to order it. Hope you take care.


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