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Newborn baby

Hi all,

I’m new to this site but was recommended it by my OT in clinic yesterday. What a fantastic resource!

We have just given birth to a beautiful baby boy who is now 5 weeks old. We also have an 11yo. (Meds&preg=big age gap!)

I am looking for recommendations from any parents out there who have had success with Iran’s and car seats. I’m really struggling with the silver cross travel system we have due to its weight and bulk. Also releasing the carrycot/car seat from the isofix base and chassis.

Would love to hear of what you’ve all used and had success with. I have just bought a moby sling and it’s the best thing I’ve purchased! Thanks all 😊

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Sorry I cannot give you advice on the pram.

It’s over 80 years since we had our babies so I am a bit out of touch.

But congratulations and God bless


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Sorry I’m not much use either been 20 years+ since my son was born but didn’t have RA at the time.

Hope you enjoy your little boy and hope comes up with something useful for you.

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