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It is nearly a year since I was diagnosed with sudden onset RA. Out of the blue my joints became unbearably painful, everyday tasks took a huge and often impossible effort, and trying to sleep was a joke. I was lucky to be diagnosed quickly.

With the right meds and painkillers, my RA is now fairly well controlled.

I found the NRAS website after many hours googling RA and it has been brilliant. It provides so much help, info and advice and reading other's experiences and stories makes me realise that there are so many others out there suffering in similar situations.

In May this year I am going to do a skydive to raise funds for the NRAS. My doctor has passed me off as fit (and every so slightly bonkers!) to jump out of a plane at 10,000 feet.

I have a just giving page,, if anyone is interested in sponsoring me.

Thankyou to all who have answered my questions on HU over the past few months - it has been and continues to be a great help.

Mags x

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Mags your very brave to do that (also slightly daft!!) I wish you well in doing it.



good luck with the jump, I could not jump out of a plane when there is nothing wrong with it.

All the best.


Best of luck Mags, i know i couldn't do it,my poor old body would go into shock!! lol Beth 48 xx


I certainly could never jump out of a plane - would have to pushed (or thrown) out of the door although I had to do parachute training when learning to fly gliders years ago.

Good luck with the jump. I agree with your doctor - slightly bonkers! lol.

LavendarLady x


Well done you,, mad thing x


Wow, very brave or mad as a hatter. Something I would have loved to have had the chance to do, so good luck and happy landings.

Beth xx


So glad you are going to be a part of our skydive on the 12th May, you are a star! If anyone would like to join us on the 12th please do get in touch with me at or give me a call on 01628 501547.



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