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Pain of unknown cause

Hello everyone,

I have chronic pain (like chronic muscle soreness) in my lumbar spine, thoracic spine and my left forearm, but I don't have any suspicious blood levels. Other symptoms are red eyelids and chronic fatigue. Is it possible to have a rheumatic or other autoimmune disease without having abnormal blood levels? Thanks for any help.

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Hi there! I know that you can have rheumatoid arthritis without blood tests to support it (its called seronegative RA). It’s an autoimmune disease that attacks to synovium, the sack of fluid surrounding your joints. I have this condition and along with joint pain and chronic fatigue, I experience muscle pain as well. I’m not sure if your symptoms match mine, but the easy answer to your question is yes.


I feel bad for you all who have pain and no blood work that shows anything! I had been complaining to my doctor for ten years prior to my diagnosis, but with no help because of inconclusive tests and really not a lot of visible swelling!😫 Finally a year and a half ago, blood tests revealed a raised Rheumatoid factor and elevated CCP enzymes and only then was treatment started.


My rheumatoid factor and CCP values are normal, but I have pain in some areas in my body which occurs when certain muscles are used.


The problem is that some physicians might think that we are malingerers that need psychiatric help. If they don't find any notable blood values, then the diagnosis is often "psychosomatic". However, "psychosomatic" is often just a place holder for "we don't know". How did you get your diagnose?

I read that autoimmune diseases are generally incurable, but there are cases where people strongly reduced or sometimes even cured their disease with fasting.


I know how you feel because as I said, I had complained for many years with no help. In fact I “fired” my old GP because of his attitude regarding my complaints. He made me feel like I was making it all up! 😖 Unfortunately many autoimmune diseases mimic other conditions so unless your GP is aware of that fact, likely you’ll not be investigated further. My advice would be to be persistent, perhaps requesting a visit to a rheumatologist.(although about 7 years ago I was referred to a rheumy who didn’t diagnose me then, but five years later my blood work did show changes which finally led to a diagnosis of RA) Hopefully you’ll get it all sorted out too!! In the meantime, take comfort in the fact that you’re not alone.


Hi , do you know someone who had success with fasting?


I can be in a lot of pain and still my bloods show nothing.xxxx


I’m also have muscle and joint pain with out it showing up in my bloods.


See a physio......amazing what they can do to help with pain in all areas.


I have been diagnosed with a number of AI conditions and am in pain etc. I won't bore you!

Results in range are not necessarily at an optimal level.

My bloods show the following outside reference ranges:


MCH concentration - high

MCH level - high

ESR - low

EGFR - low

Ferritin: (haemolysed again) - usually low (below optimal)


Thyroid serums:

Free T4: highish (higher than optimal)

TSH: highish (higher than optimal)

ANA: weak homogenous pattern

Iga: highish (higher than optimal)

I am contemplating booking a private consultation with a GP or consultant. I am not sure of costs, but anticipate it would be costly.

I am not in receipt of employment/housing benefits and would like to work part-time, if only I felt well enough.

So, a private appointment seems like a good idea.


Yes, 10% are seronegative. Also consider fibromyalgia.


Hi millipede, are you aware of someone successful with fasting as a treatment for RA and or fibromyalgia

Thank you Lynne31


Yes. A German army doctor called Otto Buchinger cured his own arthritis with fasting. In my opinion fasting is a last resort, because painkillers and immunosuppressives just camouflage the symptoms, but don't cure the disease. There are also some studies on fasting:

There is some evidence that it also has a positive effect on cancer treatment:

Fasting doesn't cost you anything and doesn't have any negative side effects, so it is worth a try.


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