Hey there, can anyone give me some feedback on how you have reacted/responded to this drug, I'm avoiding starting it.

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  • I’ve been on it for 10 years, I haven’t had really any of the side effects my eyes have been good, I been put down a dose now because u can get immune to it. Some people do get the side effects it’s just have to see how it goes for your self, I personally haven’t had any bad reports about it, without it I wouldn’t be able to do a lot.

  • Thank you Jess_doyle

  • Hi it didn't make any difference to me and binned it

  • I've been taking it for a couple of years and think it might be helping cause some acid reflux issues, but they're not too bad at the mo. It's less toxic than many other RD meds, which unfortunately means that it's usually less effective too. However, a big plus for my condition is that it has little effect on the immune system, which is a must for me, and is the only RD med I can take. It doesn't work as good as other stronger RD meds that I used to take, but it does help with my RA and gives me some mobility. My rheumy told me that hydroxy will not put the disease into remission but can stop it progressing, or at least slow things up. Keeping all digits crossed that my stomach issues remain stable and I don't get immune to it. If I do then I'm going to be in big trouble!

  • Thank you Wishbone, I appreciate your response.

  • I have never had any side effects from this drug.xxxxx

  • It found starting this drug easiest of all of them.. no side effects, no problems with digestion, nothing....and it did help the RA. It is usually described as the mildest of the RA drugs. I've been on it for 7 years now, and get my eyes checked once a year just in case but again no problems.

  • 7 years and still working!...I'll be pleased if it lasts that long for me.

  • I was in hydroxychloroquin for about a year Which was added alongside Mxt. Had no initial problem. Had an eye test just before starting it. Approx 7 months noticed some visual problems. Had eye test sight change due to ageing rather than the hydroxychloroquin. About a year started to have migraines. Never had them before. Eventually hydroxychloroquin stopped migraines stopped.

    This is my experience of hydroxychloroquin

  • I suffered migraines to on this drug

  • I do get head aches just never put I down to the medication thought it came with everything else lol

  • No problems for me too. I have my eyes checked regularly, at least once a year. Compared to the other meds, it has few side effects. Certainly no reason for worrying about trying it.

  • Thank you hatshepsut

  • Been a great drug for me. Sickly for two or three days but that passed. I get my eye check yearly. And it has given me more mobility !

    Worth a Try,, if you read side effects of all drugs you probably wpuldwould be worried about them all. I found this the easiest dmard to take xxx good luck

  • Thank you allanah

  • Been on it over 30 years and never had any problems. Have extensive eye testing done at hospital once a year. Has helped my RA.

  • This is all quite reassuring for me as im being given this next week alongside MTX which im hoping to change from 25g tablets to injections. Then hoping for better results than im having now!.

  • Thirteen years still taking it. After all the other stuff I see Hydto like Parscetamol now

  • I’ve been on hydroxychloroquine for two years now. No problems and it does help. Only thing I would add is that different brands seem to affect different people. I can only tolerate Zentiva brand so it might be worth trying a different make if you react badly to the one you’re prescribed.

  • This is interesting I did have change of brands during the time I was on hydroxychloroquin but can’t say when as too far away to remember. All I know is I felt a lot better now I’m off it.

  • Thank you Barbara17, I will keep that in mind, it is true for me with Prednisone.

  • Been on Hydroxy for two years now, have the usual eye tests done of course.

    I'm allergic to it and it gives me a horrendous all over itch so I have to take an antihistamine alongside it.

    Morning and night always after food.

    Can take more antihistamine if I need to if I get a breakthrough roving itch, one minute my forehead, one minute the back of my knee the next my shin then my fore arm, you get the picture!

    As I couldn't tolerate any other DMARDS the Hydroxy seems to work well alongside Benepali.

    Plus as it's an anti malarial it us very handy as I travel to Africa a fair bit with my job.

    Good luck with your drug choices.


  • I did not like that drug. It irritated my mood and I always had nausea and vomiting.

  • Thank you Cassey00

  • Hi Milo

    No one likes to take drugs but unfortunately we have an autoimmune disease that will attack and damage our joints if we don’t suppress the immune system. I was on hydroxy for years along side 2 other suppressants and did not experience any side effects.

    If you are worried talk to your pharmacist or rheum team.


  • Hi Kiki, thank you I appreciate your response and will be brave!

  • I started it 3 months ago. Was supposed to take 1 in morning and 1 at night. I had a few side effects... nausea and headaches so nurse told me to cut back to just 1 a day. I did that for 6 weeks and then went back up to full dose. Now I’m fine with it.

  • Hi all really appreciate the feedback very helpful, Milo x

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