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Slipped disc surgery

Hi all

I have rheumatoid arthritis and was diagnosed 6 years ago, I am currently waiting to have surgery for a slipped disc in my Lower spine L4/L5 I am due to have surgery on 29th December so have had to stop my Enbryl injections as I need to flush it out of my system before surgery, I was wondering if any one had also had to flush out their meds like this and if it will still work when I go back on them, I have to wait another 4 weeks after surgery before I can start taking them again, I'm totally terrified not for them surgery but for the awful pain from my arthritis which I know is coming. Please can anyone that may have done through a similar situation give me any advice?

Thank you

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Hi dfur

You might like to try borax as described on earthclinic.com/remedies/bo...

It has helped others and is far less toxic than ibuprofen. Borax is a natural mineral containing boron.

Borax can also be used to make laundry wash brighter but is not detergent.

There can be mild side effects but if this happens, stop for a few days and start over, building up to max 1/8th tsp per day for women or 1/4tsp for men. Best dissolved in boiled hot water and top up with distilled.

Link to toxicity of borax:



Thanks for the reply Charisma7aj but I have had some bad experiences with herbal remedies in the past and have been told by my consultant to steer clear of them, I am allergic to ibuprofen so cannot take this anyway and usually just have solpadol (cocodamol) which i only take if I have to.


I understand your caution.

There are many unscrupulous people trying to take advantage of our pain to sell us harmful or useless things with empty and unbacked promises for relief.

Boron is a natural mineral which the body needs, along with magnesium, calcium, Vit D and Vit B complex.

I have supplements that my RA specialists say are okay with DMARDs. Of course, they are good on their own too.

If possible, a total cessation of the toxic meds prescribed would be most welcome to me since they cause so much discomfort and threaten vital organs in ways that ordinary minerals and spices like turmeric curcumin do not.

Nothing but benefit there!

But I hope you find a way through the next two months and avoid a flare.

I dread the pain of untreated RA.

Best of luck!t

This could help too, info on vagus nerve health. Lots on YouTube.


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