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slipped rib/ Tietze syndrome?


Hi there , i have talked about this problem before and it has raised its nasty head again. Can anything be done to treat it , i have googled but I would like to know if anyone has had any success. I have had this problem for years and at times i have been unable to move , at the moment its not too bad i have just got a stabbing pain in the right lower rib area of my back . I would really appreciate some advice 🌸

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I have this problem constantly. Along with my RA I suffer with scoliosis. I have had temporary relief from receiving Lensen treatment- an advanced type of corrective massage therapy. You might also look into seeing an Osteopath! Hope you find relief. Until then, something I do if able is lie down on the floor. It’s hard and flat and helps everything settle and decompress. Take in some deep inhalation’s and try to relax.

Thank you so much for your reply , i have never been to an Osteopath, i did get Physio when my back went into a severe prolonged spasm when ribs slipped and i had acupuncture which did help . I would love to find a way of preventing it as it is spontaneous and happen every couple of weeks . At the moment I just use a anti inflammatory gel as its easier on the stomach. Does it happen on a regular basis to yourself ??

Physio and acupuncture can both be helpful ways to manage.

Yes. I have at least 2 ribs slipped out of place most of the time.

It is painful but I have learned to live with it.

The key for me has been to find ways to manage. Getting help through massage etc can lengthen the time I get relief. Stretching, posture, sleep position and other home management help as well.

Thanks rheumagal , all that information is great . You must be in alot of pain at times , which can be very wearing . Best wishes 🌸

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