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Christmas is coming............


Well i have finished putting up the decorations and all the lights outside which dh did for me.xxxxx

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This is where i sit and hubby hung this tree abouve me.xxxx

Looks lovely Sylvi...but don't go mad now you have done it! Make sure you put your supervisory hat on & let DH help as I'm sure he wants to....although sitting directly under the tree...........?

Makes me feel guilty that I have decided to just buy a dozen nice fat battery candles & some pretty holders this year ..bit of Holly on each candle = minimalist Christmas!

Take care in this cold weather.

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I am done as far as decorations are concerned. Now i will sit back and

Very festive! A hanging tree - that’s a good idea. Christmas hasn’t arrived in our house yet. We have a real tree and usually buy in in the second week of December. I have started writing my cards - I can only do a few at a time because of hand pain.

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Sorry but cards are a no no. I feel if people really know me they understand I can’t write cards and will personally wish them a happy Christmas and mean every word. Otherwise sorry it is not good enough to expect me to go through pain to give them a card.. yes’s I have upset several long term”friends” but so what obviously weren’t friends were they. I love Christmas I was a Christmas Eve bab but sometimes it gets too much.we all have to live and that includes me. I know that sounds selfish but that is how I am now.. Really, happy, joyful, and understanding Christmas wished for all. X

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