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Medication change again

Hello everyone

This is my 1st post. I was just seeking some advice from people that are going through the same as me. I am 29 and was diagnosed with RA at 21. My nanny had it bad and my mums got it. I have been on humeria, methotrexate 20mg and now on sulph 4tabs a day. I have had a steroid inj in my shoulder 3 times and have had 2 cortisol steroids in the last 6 months. They are going to change my biological as the disease is active and have a nodule in my collor bone which is very painful. What biological treatment is helping you? And how do you cope as I’m really struggling at the mo. Any advise would be great fully received thanks x

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Actually, I was on Methotrexate 5 pills a week, but did not help me a lot alone; therefore, my consultant put me on Humera injections every other week along with the methotrexate, and it worked perfect with me; I hope this helps you. It seems that you have sever condition, May God help you to find the right medication. I have found out that meat and Tuna make it really way worse even if I am on medication; therefore, I don't eat them any more only sometimes about one spoon only.

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Hello Collette, I wish I had a magic crystal for you to see which biological will work for you. We are very lucky to live in a time where we have such good medication available, but our immune systems seem to be very crazy and fussy, so it may take a little time to find the right one. I was lucky, CIMZIA was my first and only one and it enabled me to get control back over my life. I wish you'll find the one that will do the same for you very soon. All the very best and keep in touch.


Have a look at the treatments page on the NRAS site which explains about which biological targets which bit of the immune system. It goes a long way towards explaining why, at present, it's all a bit hit and miss which medication which work for you individually.

It's clear that RD (Rheumatoid Disease) is not just one condition but affects different parts of our immune systems, possibly even different bits at different times...but treatment is SO much better now than it used to be and for most people, it's possible to get the disease under control.


Thanks everyone who replied. I’m just scared as every time I try a new medication I have a reaction. I was on cimzia about 6 years ago it worked well but gave me pneumonia and put me in hospital for 2 weeks. I can’t take any nsaids as I now have really bad acid and plaq and lefudo made me vomit blood. I can only take codine at night because I work full time as a vet nurse and need my concentration. I’m so sorry to rant on but it’s so hard to explain topeople with out the condition. Thanks x


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