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So stressed on steroids!

I am all over the place - back up to 20 mg steroids and can’t stop crying ....pushed myself at work in last 2 weeks . I had 3 hideous flare ups and forced myself to go to work . Now I am a nervous wreck . Got an emergency appt at hospital on tues- and tho I should be happy, I am SO ANGRY with Kings college hospital cos they left me without meds for 6 months last year and took 8 weeks to give me an emergency appt!!!! Crazy so now I don’t qualify for full time sick pay as I used it all last year and absolutely terrified to take time off for flare ups . Well that’s completely unsustainable isn’t it???

I am so stressed about money - I am paying a fortune for all my supplements etc !!!!!! Anyone got any advice ?! Please!!!!! Xx

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Sorry to hear you had your medication/appointment delayed. I had my med infusion delayed two years ago and ended up on 20mg Prednisone and was on various dosage for ten months coming off it. Hope you are soon stable. Hope your appointment goes well tomorrow. Tell them how everything has affected your work. Good luck.


Hi Phoo,

do you get any benefits other than sick pay? You can use the online calculator on the Turn2Us website to see what you might be able to claim:


And do you get DLA/PIP?

Beverley (NRAS helpline)

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