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Joints all swollen with fluid but anti -ccp normal now despite no treatment

I'm getting very confused my symptoms are worsening I've got obvious swelling now in my ankles as well as my knees and elbows and fingers yet my anti-ccp has gone to 3.4 . I have been fighting the hospital for any treatment as I'm allergic to dmards and I'm now worried this means I will get nothing at all ever. I am getting more and more immobile as the fluid in my joints which everyone can see is getting worse and worse and the pain is becoming unbearable. I no longer no what to do

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Did your consultant not consent to pain patches or anything else that would assist you? Any explanation as to why not, if not?

This is no help to you but I hope that your consultant is considering publishing you as a case study that explores why blood markers can be in stark contrast to flagrant swelling and fluid visible on MRI/ultrasound etc.

I'm aghast at the problems you're experiencing when you plainly need treatment. I don't know if the thinking is that treatment can only influence the things that are measured - but why the fluid in the imaging doesn't count is beyond me.


Dear Helzbells,

My hands and legs were swollen too but I was negative anti-ccp and RA factor. I was told I was/am seronegative RA, that did mean I was/am not a RA patient.

I am very sorry to know that you are allergic to DMARDs and I hope your rheumy can do something for you to capture the golden period of recovery.



Hi had similar problem to yourself .dmards not work won't try another one stopped fighting once rumatologistsaid painkillers only way ahead I won't be back stick to my gp

it's a hard one.but they have to deal with your swelling in case gets really worse and pain .talk to gp and see if they help good luck


I feel fobbed off too! Really struggling with my hands , neck, shoulders, knees & feet & am told that I now have Fibromyalgia? What the hell? The mind boggles are you in Nottinghamshire or is this happing in a different area? X


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