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Meditation for pain and stress.

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I was writing a reply to someone with a fear of needles and actually thought I should post this on the main page.

There is an amazing app called insight timer. Lots of guided meditations for stress and pain and illness. I've now done it for 41 consecutive days, every morning, on waking. It's done more to help me deal with this illness than all the medications put together.

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Excellent. ⭐️

Much appreciated, Jules13. Thank you kindly. 🙏 😌

Here's some additional ones for you, if interested: Meditation, Mindfulness, Movement, Breathing, Relaxation, Stress Reduction . . .: (Some in seriousness 😑 , some in jest ☺️ .) 🙏 🍀 🌺 🌞


Thank you from me too 😊

Thank you very much Jules, this is exactly what I am looking for right now to hopefully help my daughter, something she can be in charge of herself and use whenever suits her and something that will hopefully be able to guide her into a helpful place in her mind - Will definitely be worth a go, she has used lots of guided meditation downloads before now and they have helped her but she has become somewhat bored of them now I believe and no longer uses them, I like the sound of this app, cheers

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This has over 16,000!!!

Thank you kindly. Jules 13. 💐Now downloaded. I'm not great with needles took many many weeks, I'm sure will also hope with other things.

Best wishes

Pamela x

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Should of read

Help not hope.

Very well done. Good for you. Everything you do to help yourself carries a double bonus.

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