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Newbie question regarding prognosis

Hi all,

I'm 49, sero-negative RA, diagnosed 6 moths ago. Still working on finding the right cocktail of meds. Feels as though I'm on the right track to lessening of symptoms with Plaquenil, Methotrexate, Maloxicam and Folic Acid plus numerous supplements.

I realize my doctor doesn't have a crystal ball but I am curious as to the stages of this disease. Is it crazy to ask him what to expect? I'd just like to know if I'll be disabled and if so, any idea when? Or maybe this just goes in stages of disability that just increase? Any feedback is appreciated and again, I realize no one has a crystal ball, just would love to have a better idea of possibly what I can expect...


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Hi it all depends on how many joints affected and how your life is affected but biologics is the way forward drugs such as enbrel, cymzia, humira, stelara they are injectable drugs and treat the disease and prevent further joint deterioration. It's very expensive but worth every penny discuss this with your rheumatologist. Good luck


My first rheumatologist told me that these days she expects her new patients to reach remission and live a normal life. Well, nearly normal - just with lots of pills and a few naps here and there.

I didn't believe her. I could hardly walk, couldn't sleep for pain, and struggled to peel a banana let alone cut up food. Well she was right, and I'm fine now and have been for last 5/6 years. Yes I can feel that there's been a slight progression in 7 years, but it's very small and very very slow. The drugs are slowing the disease to a remarkably degree.

So my view is that you shouldn't panic yourself about something that might well never happen. Focus on looking after yourself and doing the best you can to support your body.


Kindly scroll down toward bottom of (2-year old) post 'Rheumatoid Arthritis' ( healthunlocked.com/nras/pos... ) to view bodunchar's comment, Maddi1208. πŸ€”

[One of the most accurate, concise, bell-clang clear descriptions I've read. πŸ”” ]


Also, kindly consider "Hidden's" words (6 years ago) beginning with "I am HORRIFIED by . . . " at bottom of post: 'diet and symptom control': healthunlocked.com/nras/pos... 😌

Please take very good care of yourself, Maddi1208. πŸ™ πŸ€ 🌺 🌞



Thanks Kai! I read both of those, thanks for pointing them out:) It's all so overwhelming in the beginning! I've had loads of people tell me about diet etc... and I might try that at some point. Right now, I'm not about to give up cake!!

You take care as well, Kai

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Overwhelming, yes!! πŸ™ƒ Whatever you may think/ imagine ( πŸ€“ πŸ’­ ) you're 'giving up' (temporarily or permanently) you're gaining multi-fold in innumerable ways.

Yes, we (eventually) have our cake πŸŽ‚ and eat it too 🍰 . . . πŸ‘

All in good time . . . πŸ˜„ all in good time . . . ☺️

πŸ™ πŸ€ 🌺 🌞



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