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Importance of air quality!

In viewing webinar I learned about the importance of lung permeability. Our respiratory systems are under constant strain, particularly given current air quality in BC. The doctor was stressing the benefit of air purifiers for your bedroom. I started using my 'air defender'. I purchased two years ago with my Filter Queen. My oldest son has asthma and youngest has bad eczema.

I have started to use them in bedrooms because that is where we spend the most time! Wink wink .

I am beginning to notice a significant change in breathing. Go figure, sometimes it is the little things that have the greatest impact.

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If you live anywhere near a road it might help to clean the air you breath. I have noticed how much less dust there is here since I moved from near a busy road in a town to a semi-rural place.

But be careful about which machine you buy. Some, even expensive ones, are noisy, others don't remove many pollutants. Factor in replacing filters too. there is a useful review in which.co.uk/reviews/air-pur...


These air defenders have high quality hepa filters . It is reasonably quiet and cools the air which is good in this heat wave. We live in a rural community and there is a cement plant near by. It creates a grit or dust which covers everything. They can also be used as a tax deduction when someone has a health condition. But the doctors were talking about the importance of clean air while you sleep. A way to rejuvenate respiration.


Some of them are noisy - so it's worth shopping around if you are going to use them while asleep.