Sulfasalazine and weight gain

Hi all Hope your having a nice relaxing bank holiday. Wondering if anyone has found they have gained weight whilst taking sulfasasazine. Ive been on them for 8 weeks alongside my other meds Methotraxte and hydroxychloroquine and have gained 6 lbs. I dont think my eating habits have changed dramatically but am wondering if there is a connection.


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There is no reason why an antibacterial combined with aspirin like Sulphasalazine should cause increased weight. RA will if your activity level falls though.


Yes I did. I track my weight and diet quite carefully being an ex weight watchers dieter. I've been on Sulfa twice now. Came off both times due to reactions. the second time I went on it I realised I had put on about 6 pounds in weight. I couldn't understand why. I looked back at my records of what happened the last time I tried sulfa and again I found that I had put on 6-7 pounds in weight. And then when I stopped it I lost that extra weight over the course of the four following weeks. I didn't make the link last time around as it spanned the xmas period. This time however, it's a bit too much of a coincidence. I did a bit of research and found a lot of other people on the internet saying similar things. I've only just recently come off it again so I'm watching with interest to see if those 6 pounds come off again in the same way. I was on sulfa for about 8 weeks each time. I'm a healthy 23 ish BMI and I never usually move by more than a pound or 2.

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