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Flare up!

I've just had to see my rheumatologist because my hands have been in agony. Apparently I'm having a flare up because the medication isn't controlling it. Had to up my medication and have been put on steroids.

My love for steroids is amazing, I know they are bad for long term use but my god do they take the pain away! Started them yesterday, and already I'm feeling much less pain!

Here's to hoping that a jump from 12.5 to 15 will help control this stupid illness!

This is the first flare up I've had since I was really bad, pre-diagnosis, all I've wanted to do is sleep because when I'm sleeping, I can't feel the pain.

Sorry for the rant, hope everyone had a good week and enjoying their weekend (as much as they can)! x

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Rant away, sweetheart! If you can't do it here, where can you? It's a blooming hard choice isn't it? Pain or drugs that can have horrendous side effects. It's a 'heads they win, tails you lose' situation. Like Catch 22 with extra ouch. Huge gentle hugs.



I understand. The pain is so difficult and I know I hate being around people when I hurt so badly. I was on prednisone for nine years, many times 40-50 mg per day for a year. Now I am so sensitive to it that even if I take 5 mg I am off the wall. I just hope this Rituxan doesn't fail on me. Most of the other biological have over the 18 years of RD? Hope today is better for you.


That's ok if you rant. I've been ranting myself for weeks! Poor husband, lol! I'm going through the same thing as you. I'm in the middle of a flare, and my hands and wrists are killing me. I'm waiting for a biologic to kick in, if ever. In the meantime, I'm taking prednisone. It is a love hate relationship. I love how it takes the pain away, but worry about the side effects. But I agree, it sure does take the pain away. Good luck!


I developed sleeping as a coping mechanism for my JIA pain when I was a teenager. I slept loads during my last flare (2 years ago), and if that's what your body wants then go for it.


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