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Liver raised after Methotrexate

Hi all,

Any thoughts I would really appreciate my liver results raised on MTX . Rheumy reduced it to 7.5 weekly. Three weeks of bloods normal now they are raised again and have been told I have to stop them . So scared what will I be given next? I really thought I was starting to feel better and a bit in control ☹️ Liver specialist said if it happened again I have to come off MTX.

Love to you all and wishing you a normal life ❤️

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Are you doing sub-cutaneous injections or pills? If you're taking pills, switch to injections. Injections are much, much better for your liver plus you get more benefit from the drug because it goes directly into your body. Injections really don't hurt at all. I got used to them very quickly. Best to you.

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I'm exactly the same liver raised but I am on 17.5 mg mtx injectible and have an ALT of 56,normal range -0-34 at my hospital,I have to have two weekly blood tests till they return to you know your ALT number ? X


My ALT is usually between 28-32.


My Alt is 66 😳


I take tablet form. Thanks for the advice. They won't give me anything now until liver results are normal x


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