New project starting...

Hi Community! I'm starting a new project today..a baby afghan for hubby's coworker. Its a tradition for us that every new baby in our "family" gets one. I did one this spring for another coworker and it was big hit- I thought that it might have been too girly for a boy but the mama loved it!

Any words of encouragement would be greatly appreciated!!



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  • I think you had better explain what an Afghan means in the US.

    Most Brits will think you are distributing puppy dogs around the district!

    I think we would call it a Shawl or a Throw here!!

  • Hi! Forgot words don't mean the same across the pond! I'm cross stitching an alphabet baby blanket.


  • Phew! That's a relief πŸ˜…

    Cross stitching a blanket for a newborn i think is a lovely gesture. Also it's more personal & the thought has definitely gone into it. πŸ‘

  • I have until mid-December, I'm's going to be a Native American alphabet. I'll post pictures as I go along if people want to see.

  • Oh please do. It sounds wonderful.


  • Absolutely 😊

  • I'd live to see that - what a wonderful gift to give

  • Would love to see it. We call them quilts here. It is amazing you can manage fine motor skills. I was thinking of developing hobbies.

    I am great with animals, fish, children but not growing things lol My mother in law does all the gardening.

  • Hi! I do have to take frequent breaks and use larger needles now but I will not give up my cross stitch! It keeps me sane!


  • Yes thanks ....πŸ˜€

    I thought you were trying to adopt a new baby from Afghanistan ......for hubby's coworker !


  • As Winston Churchill once said" we are two nations divided by a single language"!


  • How true ...πŸ‘

    Must admit I get a bit of a laugh , imagining some of the accents of some people here . Funny sayings as well !


  • I have a "California" accent UNTIL I get tired or have a glass of wine; then hubby and kids are "what?! Did you hear what you said?"


  • Strayleaves Have you ever heard a Newfie accent? I just love that accent...though I don't understand it, eventhough it is english.

  • Hi suzannedale,

    No , I haven't heard of a Newfie accent???

    Good one is it ?

    Karen xx

  • Hard to understand that this is the english language. :)

  • πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜…πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜…πŸ˜ƒ


    Love it

    Hardly understood a word though ....


  • Oh AgedCrone you make me laugh!! Us older people in North America know what an Afghan is....but, I was shopping with my daughter the other day,and she was quite shocked when I said I didn't care for this Afghan.... lol...she thought I was being a racist

  • You N Americans might know...but that word is not understood except as fir a native of Afghanistan!

    I only know because I have family in US & I lived NY for a while! Did you see Strayleaves comment.....she thought Ruthytootie was running an adoption agency!


  • My daughter was stunned, she thought that I didn't like people from Afghanistant!!! lol

    ....Hey, do you know what a chesterfield is?

  • It's a button back leather sofa!

  • you are one smart cookie AG.

    The letter "Y" is not known to be a vowel in the States . My hubby had to call the States about a problem with our computer. The lady on the help line could not understand how our last name had no vowels. She also didn't under stand the letter Z.

    Z is pronounced "Zee" in the US . In Canada, it is pronounced "Zed". Poor woman, she was so

  • It's Zed here too!

    Some Eastern European names are completely unpronounceable to us...let alone knowing how to spell them!

    My friend was recently in hospital & he said his nurse's name looked as if someone had just thrown a bundle of consonants together he called her sweetie- I bet if he hadn't been gay she would have clobbered him!

  • Hi suzannedale ,

    Chesterfield ......sounds like a town ???

  • lol. Chesterfield is a couch. lol

  • Awww brilliant! I'm not surprised the recipient loves the Afghan. It's so lovely to see something handmade with love and care and I'm sure the new mama will love hers equally. It is so clever to do cross-stitch, totally beyond me. Reckon I'll stick to the knitting and crochet. Hugs


  • Hi Everyone! Pictures should be up by Tuesday, your time. Maybe still in progress but progress. Stitching is helping keep my mind off the pain in my mangled tongue-best I can figure is that it was so very numb after my root canal on Thursday that I chewed a large strip off the side-owie! Milkshakes and smoothies for me til it heals (& watermelon lime slushies-not sure if that "translates")!

    For the collectors of interesting "sayings": what would think I meant by "save the dishes"?

    Have a good day or night (for me, its bedtime😴)!


    P.S.: Anyone interested in seeing my other project? Its the Queen of Hearts and the Queen of Spades for my "fairy tale themed" guest room. I'm adding the names of the Queens from my current favorite book series.

    Bon Nuit!


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