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An exhausting day !

Update. regarding Rituxan infusion and nurse !

I met with GP and Rheumy. GP was no help as he sees his role as redder and prescribe. I met with Rheumy and we came to an agreement. The offending nurse is never to come near me again. No more rushed fusions unless I decide I am ready to try. But as I said to her, I fail to see how I would benefit from rushing it.

I did offer to forget the entire thing if the nurse was willing to take a chair! I was not being flip. I simply wanted to put it in terms they would understand. These drugs have not provided any benefits therefor I have no need to continue. I would not be willing to see any other doctors.

So perhaps a part of me was hoping to stop injections. Not the injection but the way I feel following injections. I did agree to six months and I will tolerate it until my body says otherwise.

I do not want to fear my care giver. This solves everything. I no longer need to deal with her (nurse) and I also get to skip part two lol but still doing the needles💉

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Sometimes the best thing we can do for ourselves is to remove ourselves from things that make us unhappy. Or sick in your case... Congratulations on getting things with the nurse straight...


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