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Changing Medication


I've been on Methorexate injections now for about 10 months and MTX overall for over a year and as per my previous post I've had a few side effects.

The anxiety, mouth ulcers etc are a real 'pain'.

I've also been finding the actual 'joint pain relief' has diminished a bit.

So I thought I'd try switching to Sulfasalazine to see if that better suits me.

I've got the tablets (the consultant gave me the OK) but I've not seen my GP.

I'm taking them in accordance with the instructions and hope the fact that they're Enteric coated will help with any digestive problems!

Just so I'm sure everything is good - how long is it before the MTX is out of my system?

In terms of drinking alcohol I've been told it's safe with Sulfasalazine but I definitely don't want to jump the gun.

Whilst this is not my primary reason for switching drugs it's obviously a benefit to be able to have a glass of wine or a beer with friends on occasion - I've abstained completely for over a year now.

Do I need to 'flush' my kidneys through before indulging.

Any advice would be most appreciated.



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Not sure about flushing your kidneys but do you have shared care between rheumy and gp? (You probably know this but you'll need blood monitoring on sulfasalazine)



Thanks Kitty. Yes i do share care via consultant and GP. They've already lined me up for weekly blood tests to start with. The pharmacist mentioned kidney flushing when I picked up the tablets - I'm assuming that's more a necessity when you're on high doses for chemotherapy? I've only been on 12.5mg weekly.



Hi I have always taken folic acid daily apart from MTX day to help with mouth ulcers sometimes upping them to 2 a day if ulcers get too persistent


I have been on mtx injections for 9 years . I started tapering off January of this year. I believe in my case that the mtx was in my System least 4 months . I took my last injection early March

I didn't have mouth sores as I took folic acid from the beginning. MTX ,I believe , destroys folic acid and you need it for DNA repair.

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