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Hi all,

Over the years I've had various splints, bandages and supports on nearly all my joints. I'm pondering buying another for my right shoulder- the blade at the back is swollen and incredibly painful. My elbows and wrists are bad too- right side the worst, but left side bad as well. My question is: does anyone find them useful? Or am I falling-again- for the jargon ( my other supports help a bit, now n then. I think!) It does occur to me that if I wore everything at once I'd look like a very anxious skateboarder or a wannabe knight of old! :-) I hope all are having a good week x

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  • Am a kt tape fan always notice it takes the swelling down

  • I wear wrist splints at night when I'm in a flare up. They stop my sleeping in my normal position with my wrists bent which is really painful if I do that during a flare.

  • Same here, don't know what I do in the night and I don't need them all the time - seem to go through phases - but my splints stop me waking up with pins and needles in my hands.

  • As I'm dropping off to sleep my head's telling me my body is in a lieing in a contorted position that will cause me pain when I wake up, but it is really comfortable as I'm going to sleep!

  • Hi Lizzier SNAP feel rgw same got to buy new ones every couple of years so they dont loose elasticity and usage I have found the fiber ones better for use

  • Hi and dounle snap too! Currently usingwouldn'tbe withputpport insoles, toe supports every day - they really help! Ankle straps if I'm going to be walking a lot - all from nhs orthotics.

    I too use wrist supports and splints - wouldn't be without them now! In the endbought a huge selection trying find some relief! Magnets crystals elastic, compression you name it over the last 2 years I've probably tried it!mega lols M x

  • Thank you all! I shall continue with my collection and give the shoulder ones a try- I've also ordered some tape- not heard of it before so happy to try something else :-) x

  • So what do you use for your right shoulder blade because I am your twin on pain? I have been using Hot and Icy patches. As many as I have been buying of them, I should own some of their stock.

  • Hi,

    Not much seems to work on it to be honest. Like you I use heat- I have a 'dog' hot water bottle which is solid ( a hot water bottle once burst on me so I never use them) and I carry that pretty much continuously day and night. I'll let you know if the tape works! X

  • I love using KT Tape/Physiotape - great on elbow and joints where you may get the "bunching" of fabric, or where it may get wet (eg wrists). If you fancy getting "jazzy" you could mix up the colours (or just go with "skin" colour!) ;) Make sure you get it really wet when you want to take it off though!

  • Thanks JoWall44 . I saw how many colours there are and thought I could go a little wild;-) x

  • I'm using wrist straps (Futuro brand- they have 2 separate velcro fastenings so tension/tightness can be fine-tuned) again. First time (maybe 5 yrs ago) I had to wear the thumb/wrist straps at night because I was doing something to hurt my thumb joints while I slept.They worked and the problem went away.

    Now I'm using them again, but for a different reason.I have reasonably severe finger arthritis and I LOVE to knit...My rheumie and my physio are both encouraging me to keep knitting as it's good for finger joints. Unfortunately, this causes pain in the tendons/ligaments of my wrists/base of thumb, hence the splints.

    A recently graduated young German physio I know is a big advocate for KT tape, though I've only had it years ago with a physio applying it. Anything is worth a try if you can afford it.Good luck!

  • Thanks Aless, that's really useful- I'll look at them as well! I'm desperate to keep horse riding -even though I can barely walk. My rheumy isn't so keen but has understood it's a necessity for my mental health! I'm hoisted on my horse and fall sideways and caught to get off. But once on watch me go!! ( don't ride like I used to tho lol). I'm glad you can keep knitting. I'm trying to find new things that don't require joint action! X

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