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Hello all,

It's been a while since I posted and a difficult few months so apologies in advance for the rant.

I have recently had an arthroscopy on my knee to trim some cartilage and perform a synovectomy. I have since discovered in the surgeons report that I have grade 4 degeneration in my knee and part of my meniscus is completely gone. I am also awaiting elbow surgery (likely replacements). The pain in my elbows has been ferocious for years and I have also had intense shoulder pain for around 6 months. Desperate to improve/control my condition, I began following the AIP diet in January.

It may have helped a little but in relation to the stress of cutting so much out of my diet and feeling completely isolated by it (missing out on dinner with friends, not eating out with my partner etc) I have recently stopped following the plan. I found I was loosing weight on it ( not so good when you are borderline underweight) and if I hadn't managed to prepare a meal for my lunch the night before I would skip meals instead of eating something that was 'forbidden' on the plan.

I have extreme muscle wastage especially in my arms which has put more strain on my joints. I have been to see a private physiotherapist and have a regime to follow. It's painful and exhausting but I have to do something. I'm not sure I can afford physio sessions for much longer and feel I will be stuck again.

I have a really unhealthy work/life balance always prioritising work over my health mainly because I feel stuck with my health but I have some control and I am good at my job.

I'm in a real rutt! Apologies for this lengthy post. Just needed it out of the system.

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Hi Suki ,

No need to apologise. Sorry to hear you are in a rutt.

I do certainly hear you having a really bad work/life balance . I was certainly there a few years back .

Sorry , but there's only one person that can change that need to prioritise .

Gentle big hug coming your way .... 🙂 Take care .


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Rant away.....we all need to from time to time.

But I think you've answered your own question! An unhealthy work life balance is a real red flag and I'm sure you know it.

Rather than trying complicated diets that make you feel miserable you'd be better off focusing on an overall lifestyle that make you happy. Yes a good diet (i.e. no processed food or excess fats and sugars), but also concentrate on de-stessing, proper sleep, exercise and getting work under control.

You may not feel you are in control of your health right now, but you could be much more so. Especially with knees, work on surrounding muscle tone can make the world of difference.

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You don't say if you have a Rheumy team.....if you have talk to them...they will provide support.

You have demonstrated how stressful exclusion diets are...go back to your normal eating habits- unless of course they were full of fat & sugar......stress about preparing lunch tomorrow you can do without!

Try to take a week off ......relax & decide how to go forward.

I wish you well!


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