Bump near nose ring

Bump near nose ring

can anyone tell me what this is and how to get rid of it? i have been putting rubbing alcohol on it but it doesn't seem to be helping all that much. i also put tea tree oil but i'm not sure if that has been doing much either. i really do not also want to take out my piercing, and so i'm looking for ways to "cure" this bump. but if it gets any worse, i will for sure take it out. i'm just looking for other options because taking it out is my last resort. thank you, every reply will be appreciated so much!

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  • Go to your gp in case this is an abcess and needs antibiotics.

  • Okay. thank you.

  • Personally I would take it out. You can get some pretty nasty infections from piercings however long you have had them. The last thing you want is permanent scarring on your face. You can always get the piercing revised.

  • thank you for the tip, if it comes to it, i will! i don't want it to be scarred so yes, i agree. thank you.

  • You may need just a dose of antibiotics? Bang and it gone? Not sure, but just see what you Doctor says. Good luck!


  • update: hello all! i found out that a combo of salt water/salt on my nose and then rinsing the salt off with a diluted apple cider vinegar is doing the trick! thank you all!

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