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Terrible itching all over the body


I had eczema as a child but then had asthma as an adult for a long time. I am 80 now. 6 months ago the eczema returned but the asthma reduced. After application of steroids , I had to go to oral steroids upto 48mg per day of prednisolone to control the itching. The skin inflammations are gone but the itching remains. Is there anything anywhere to curb the itching. Home remedies or anything?

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Have you tried antihistamines.....ask your pharmacist or doctor.....I don't know if you can take them if you have asthma?

I used to suffer a lot with itching all over when I was younger & AH was the only thing to help.

Have you spoken to your GP to rule out other possible reasons for the itching?


I know once my allergies were under control my asthma became under control. When my son's allergies are under control so is his asthma and eczema. Could you have allergies that you know of or not know of? Have you tried Cortisone? It's an anti itch cream. Aveno makes an oatmeal product to use in the bathtub that really helped my son. We also use Aveno lotion. Are you drinking enough water? Is you skin dry as well? I hope this helps.


Hi Hazanat and welcome to the NS Arthritis support group. What kind of Arthritis do you have, and have you told your rheumatologist about your itching? I'm wondering about psoriasis, which is associated with its own kind of Arthritis, Psoriatic Arthritis.

Do tell your GP. Skin complaints are not trivial, and they can be an indication of Other problems


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