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Really stuck

Hi all I really need some advice

I got RA some 3 years ago and over the last 12 months I have managed to get my RA in remission through meds. Question is - my husband and I would like to try for a baby which obviously means coming off my meds but I'm scarred that when I go back onto meds my remission may not return. I need some advice or if I'm honest, some good news stories. RA has already taken so much from me and it's taken time to get to where I am. Do I risk it??

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Hiya Jay2, welcome. You don't say which meds you're on currently but there are options to remain on meds whilst trying for a baby & throughout pregnancy, even when breastfeeding. My first thought would be to discuss your intentions with your Rheumy, he/she is best placed to recommend your best options with having your RD history. You could also call the NRAS helpline, they'll have discussed this many times before I assure you, details in this link nras.org.uk/helpline. This info page will maybe ease any immediate concerns & provide info to be going on with nras.org.uk/rheumatoid-arth... This from ARUK is even more detailed arthritisresearchuk.org/~/m...

Hopefully someone will be along to give their experience of RD & trying to conceive, pregnancy & after. Exciting times!

Just one more thing, are you aware you've posted the same question under two different titles? To avoid confusion it would be helpful to remove the unwanted one.... just bring up the post you wish to delete & next to the Like box at the bottom of your text there's a downward arrow (this is a drop down box), select delete (a pop up will appear asking Are you sure you really want to do this?, tap delete.


Hi, like the previous reply I would recommend you talk to your rheumatologist about trying for a baby. You can take some meds while pregnant, but other ones you have to stop for months before it's safe to try for a baby. Best to get expert advice.

I got pregnant while taking sulphasalazine, went into remission while pregnant and stopped taking it, but then had a bad flare up after the birth. I think this is quite a common pattern. I had twins (still can't quite believe it!), they were 6 weeks premature (common with twins, so maybe not RA related) but otherwise very healthy. The remission while I was pregnant was wonderful - I hadn't felt so well in years! The flare up after they were born was pretty grim, especially coupled with looking after the babies, and it took quite a long time to get my RA properly back under control with different meds as the sulphasalazine stopped working. They're 6 now and I'm doing well, the tiredness is the worst thing.

It was definitely worth it for me, I really wanted children and they are lovely, but it's such a personal decision.

Hope this is helpful :)

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I'm currently on methotrexate and enbrel

My rheumatologist has said that I need to be off methotrexate for 3 months but not much more. No other options have been discussed or any implications and I don't have a follow up for some 6 months. Just full

Of ifs and buts at the moment


Hi Jay,

Interested in this topic as it will be something I have to consider in the future, as like you I am on methotrexate. I don't have any different advice for you other than to definitely go and see your consultant.

As for the six month wait, I was given a help line number for my consultant if I get into difficulty and can't wait until my follow up, so you might have the same thing available?

You should at least be able to chat to the nurses at the clinic.

Best of luck with everything

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You might be interested to look into LDN. There is a doctor in UK who has helped couples get pregnant and supported pregnensis with LDN with great success.



More specifically:

Dr. Phil Boyle



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