I have been on Hydroxchloroquine for almost 2 months now. They just recently found out that I have RA. My hands will swell up at any given time, no warning, and now it's my elbows and knees that will do it. It has actually been going on for sometime now, I just didn't know what it was. I would just push through it, not be able to walk good for a couple days then I would be okay. It wasn't until one day I had a routine Dr's appt with my primary Dr. During that visit my hand was swollen. So I asked him, while I'm here Dr, what is wrong with my hand. After doing the blood test, he called and told me that I had high levels of RA. He sent me to a RA dr, who said my blood levels were off the chart. Now I don't know what that really means. I do know that I hurt all of the time. I am sick of hurting. I am sick of feeling tired all the time.

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  • Hi

    I am sorry to hear that you are in so much pain. Try to look on the positive side and think: I start my journey to recovery today. Now you are under a rheumatologist, you will be cared for in the correct way. Results from the meds are not usually very speedy so make sure you ask for something to help in the meantime, i.e.: steroid injection, anti-inflammatory or similar. Also, not everyone reacts or gets the same benefit from each med so don't think what happens on here (to others) will happen to you; we are all special little bunnies 😊

    Finally, well done you for joining our forum 😁We are a good bunch and support each other through good and bad times and give lots of useful tips; no questions or suggestions are too silly. You will find a help-number for NRAS on here- they are a mind of information and a suitcase of support.

  • Welcome to the forum, sorry you're joining us but you are amongst friends here. Medication should get you to a more manageable level soon but this is a bit of a rollercoaster ride for most of us, so keep in touch as you go along.

  • Hi welcome to the site, as the others have said now that your under a Rheumy you will get the care that you need but it's still a lot to take in , here you will get all the support you need as we are all in this together xxx

  • I have infection in my toe, had 2 lots antibiotics and it never healed. I read on the forum that methotrexate can interfere with antibiotics. I stopped it but then I am now in hospital on intravenous antibiotics. They suggested I stop the methotrexate, I said I have done that from advice on the r.a forum. My infection is clearing rapidly, so thanks to this forum I am going to get better. I noticed how I'm prepared this hospital is for RA patient. Im 72 but tried to climb on bed with high mattress. My hands, wrists, feet were. Swollen elbows painful, I had to stop Nsaids while on antibiotics. No one really knows pain you going through. Can't wait to get home later, just glad I have this forum with people who understand. Thankyou


  • i so empathise with you, i had toe infection, antibiotics did not clear it, then i read On this forum to stop taking methotrexate which i did. i ended up in hospital on intraveinous antibiotics but my toe did clear up. However im 72, my RA was so painful in hospital just paracetamol given but waste of time. I could not get on to bed properly, no one knew how painful my joints were. I had to walk a long way to toilet, in the end had to have commode in room. i take neurofen for pain at home i don't care if it kills me it helps with the pain. sorry for the moan, i do feel better sharing thanks.

  • Hope you feel better soon.

  • Hi Donna,

    Echoing what others have said, you are on the right path now. It will take time and you may have to push and keep getting in touch with the RA team, telling them your symptoms and how you feel.

    Wishing you the best of luck.

    To give you hope, when I was diagnosed in 2001 my pain and stiffness was 24/7 and doing anything was an effort and was slow. I didn't sleep more than 2 hours at a time for 8 months.

    Then on the right combination of drugs it was a miracle.

    Had my ups and downs and drug changes but I still work full time and do most of the things I love.

    Any questions there are excellent people with experience on here and the NRAS team on the phone or e-mail

    Things will get better


  • As of now, my joints are not out of place. Just my hands will swell, and I get swelling in my elbows along with my knees. They are more flare ups then all the time. Just seems like I have constant pain all the time, but not so unbearable that I can't handle. I will not give up. And I will keep pushing myself. The RA dr told me I not only have ra, but also regular arthritis as well. I go today to see him for the 2nd time since being diagnosed. Naproxen does not help me so much with pain. Only thing that seems to help is with a headache for me.

  • I remember when first diagnosed my flares were very bad, but long time in between. Hydroxycloroquine for about 5 yrs, things didn't get worse and stayed lIke that for years.... a few cortisoid shots and urgent care.

    Started methotrexate, first pills, now weekly injection. No side effects for me, hardly ever get a flare, but keep prednisone on hand in case. I am grateful things are going well. I was diagnosed in 2008. Best wishes, this is a good site

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