Flu like symptoms with RA


I have RA. Yesterday the pain in my sacroiliac joint (left side) went crazy painful and at the same time I seemed to develop the flu - really tired - a heavy tired, sleepy to the point of not being able to stay awake, being sick (physically) going from hot to cold, having a temp and not eating. Has anyone had this - I don't know how its connected and how long does it last?



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  • Yup, when I flare it'a like having a flu'y cold. The inflammation mimics that of an mfection like a cold. My flares don't normally last more than a week.

  • Hi, yes I get flu like symptoms when I flare & oh so so tired 😴 Thankfully now I'm on medication it happens less often

  • Which medication are you on? I'm on gabapentin and celecoxib plus cocodomol when it's bad - like now.

  • I take hydroxychoroquine I can't take painkillers

  • Sounds like you are just taking pain relief. This will help a bit but RA medication such as methotrexate will actually reduce the flares so you won't feel like this as much. I find an anti inflammatory diet also helps to reduce flu like symptoms - alongside my Ra meds.

  • Hiya Tash, welcome. What you're describing is typical of how we feel when flaring, or when really not very well controlled, when our Rheumy's amend our meds. Which leads me to question why you've only been prescribed a neurological, an NSAID & pain relief? Are you under the care of Rheumatology yet, by that I mean have you been officially diagnosed yet or is it that your GP has taken bloods & considers you may have RD & you're waiting for your diagnostic appointment? This link explains about meds & also flu-like symptoms & fatigue, when & why we experience them nras.org.uk/what-is-ra-arti....

    Have you had the annual flu jab, if not because the symptoms are similar the two can be mistaken, although you'd have a high temp too if it is flu. Sorry for the questions & I know you must feel quite unwell but if you can give a little more info it may help us to suggest what will help. 🙂

  • I think it's called a cytozone storm.

  • thanks!

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