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Fifth injection

Almost forgot my post for this week.

I start with the fact that this week though I increased my dose again didn't feel as rough as last. However my fatigue has begun to last the whole week (definitely worst the first few days after injection) instead of.just a few days. But as I said I'm also.beem going up in my amount so that might be why. This week's positive is that I've had enough time to rest and be able to do a fee extra things with my kiddos. My lack of appetite is frustrating but I am eating...and by the weekends I'm starving and eat full meals. This last week i maintained my weight in stead of losing two pounds. So that's a bonus as well. I continue to get compliments on my shorter hair cut. And most people don't ask why. But since Uveitis keepse from wearing much eye makeup I decided maybe some lipstick would work. I tried purple!!! It was interesting and fun but I am more of a chapstick/lip balm kind of girl!!! Anyway until next week my friends!!!

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