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Pain from RA inflammation or joint damage?

Hi Everyone,

I am about to start Humira and am keeping everything crossed (well if I could actually physically cross stuff I would! :-) ) that it will be the one that works for me.

I am guessing that most of my pain is from the inflammation of the RA attacking my joints and when the Humira starts to work the pain will reduce. I know my knees (especially the one that has had a TKR twice) may never be pain free, but I wonder mainly about my shoulders (elbows, wrists and hands next in line!). I've never had any joint damage diagnosed but they are quite crunchy when I move them as much as they move - what have other people experienced when they find a medicine that works - or am I back to the 'everyone is different' and RA is a progressive disease and ever changing differently for everyone!

I am really trying to be positive but being a bit of a control freak and needing to know everything I am finding the fatigue and unpredictability of RA the most difficulty things to deal with!

Thanks for such a great forum and NRAS you are really keeping my going!

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Having been on Humira for over 8 years it was a wonder drug for me, with erosive RA for 30 plus years. It still controls my RA, but am still aware of having it and other problems, some caused though previous surgery. Wishing you all the very best. X


Thank you - trying to be as optimistic as possible but keeping a hint of reality too!

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Be positive, if it works for you the same as it has worked for me, with luck you will enjoy a better life. Hugs G X

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hi i have been on humira for over 6 years now and im doing well on it according to MRI my AS is now in remission don't get me wrong im not pain free but know where near as bad as when I have had to stop taking it due to illness


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