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Had my MRI on my back today, not the nicest of experiences but at least it's done and only took 20mins instead of the 45 I'd been told! Some of you might have seen my previous post about not knowing I was being referred for one. Spoke to a rheumatology nurse today (first chance to ring) and she was able to tell me that I'd been referred following my x-ray as it indicated inflammation but didn't show enough detail. Apparently a letter is on it's way but they didn't anticipate the MRI dept being in touch so quickly! So now just an anxious wait for the results although rationally I know that if there is inflammation it's better to know so they can treat accordingly.

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  • Hi

    It does sound an anxious time but you're right, better any problem is detected as early as possible. Wishing you the best going forward.


  • Rachfaul i had a MRI which found a compressed disc and now i am waiting an operation on my back sometime in August. There is nothing to be afraid unless you don't like being confined to small spaces.xxxxxx

  • My biggest issue is that I'm a real fidget so I was concerned about my ability to lie still for that long! Hope the op goes well xx

  • I have got my pre-op next week and at the end of May i have to have another MRI.xxxx

  • By the title alone of your post, I feel the need to tell you that an MRI on your back is much better than one on your front, as I had to have a breast MRI 2 weeks ago (family history of breast cancer). I learned that your breast can hang and dangle AND be compressed uncomfortably, lol.

    I *knew* I had had a back MRI before (my mind is a sieve), so thank you for your post. It must have been for the same reason!

  • Oh dear, that does sound very uncomfortable! Hope the results are all clear xx

  • Yes, thankfully! Although I'll have to get these MRIs annually...

  • Glad to hear it, hope that continues xx

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