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ra sufferer

As I said I want to tell my Ra story so

here it is.

part 1

I am now 61 and young in mind and young in the heart and need to stay as positive as

possible,but physically I am wheelchair bound but hopefully that will change soon

MY RA Story

When I was younger I was very active career wise and socially wise I use to dance at discos etc and my feet moved fast even won a few prizes if I didnt have ra now I think I would still give some of the younger ones a run for their money, anyway in 2002 I brought mother home on pallitave care she passed with kidneyand heart failure at home and I greived badly after that I went away for a short time I came back home ,I had a swollen right knee I went to my gp he put me on anantiflamatory and also referred me to a rheaumatologist at this time I was working when I saw my rheaumatogogist I was given the necessary blood test and diagosed with ra was put on 25 mg of prednisolone it was reduced after a certain time slowly down to 15mg after this

my bones started to weaken (osteoporosis side effect of prednisolone) people

at work saw me getting weaker the legs (should they have looked at the cause first ( my grieving) instead of the symptom

part 2 soon

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Oh, I'm so sorry about the loss of your mother. My father went through 3 years of pallitive care and it was awful.

Did your rheumatologist only prescribe prednisone for your RA?

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I don't know what you're going to say next but all my health problems started after the death of my dear mother too. I was told that stress can start bad health. I do findo that odd if that is so as I have had numerous terrible stress throughout life before with no bad health as result.

How long have you been on prednisolone? It can effect bones.I take a Calcichew D3 Forte and Risonedrate with mine


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