Limbs not obeying

A few times over the last few days OH has said that his limbs won't obey what his brain is telling them to do. Today this was as we were eating - he said he was telling his hand to spear his broccoli but it wouldn't. This is frightening. Has anyone experienced anything like this? I've read that it could be to do with inflammation around spinal / neck nerves.

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  • That's sounds very unnerving to witness and most distressing for your OH. Have you managed to book an appt. with your GP in the near future?

  • A long time ago I woke up and could not move right arm. Fingers were useless and it was a trapped nerve in my neck. Nothing to do with RA so I'd suggest making an appointment with the GP asap. It might be an MRI jobby and just take time to heal but best make sure.

  • He needs to see his physician, as there are a few things that may cause that. Can be pinched nerve or brain/spinal signals not getting the message due to damage/disease. Best to get it checked out. Keep us posted.

  • Definitely get appointment withnGP ASAP.

    It is not normal & needs investigating.


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