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Hi all

I hope everyone is ok. I was diagnosed with RA in July 2016 and currently on Sulfasalazine and celebrex (nsaid).

At my recent rheumy appointment he took x-rays and mentioned I have spondylarthritis which will account for my lower back pain and hip pain. I always ache from the RA but those are the areas where I get the worst/searing pain. I asked what could be done and he said nothing!

Surely there must be something? He also said I had osteo in my facet joints and polyarthritis. I said ok you are just throwing out random words at me here! What does all this mean? He didn’t go into detail and the gist of it is I just have to put up with it. This can’t be right surely? I am thinking of going to my GP to see if I can get a referral. Who would it be to though? Would it be a spine specialist? Or an orthopaedic specialist? Even if it is just to get an injection into the joint itself. I’ve looked it all up, but still finding it all overwhelming and confusing,.

Any advice/info re spondylarthtiris/polyarthritis would be welcome..x

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I have Ankylosing spondylitis, which is one of the spindylarthropatjies. It is an inflammatory arthritis which responds well to biologic injections. Spondylarthritis is wear and tear on the spinal bones, an osteoarthritis of the spine. An orthopaedic specialist would be your best bet, they can offer spinal injections, or surgery if the nerves are being pressed on. Injections are generally with steroids and you are only allowed a maximum of 3 a year, the success rate is only about 30%, and they can weaken surrounding ligaments and tendons. At best they will keep pain at an acceptable level for 3 months. Spinal surgery is generally only if spinal cord or nerves exiting the spine are compromised. I work as a nurse in orthopaedics. Your Rheumy is correct in that there is little that can be offered other than pain relief, unless it is AS like mine and due to inflammation, good luck. You can also get facet joint injections


Why don't you try to find a pain management doctor maybe they can do something to help your pain .I too suffer with RA it stinks .I just found out about 5 months ago I should have known yrs ago when it came up positive in my blood and was told I had fiber myalgia that it was only in my blood because my father had it and the Dr never did any further tests .

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I have the same diagnose.. I been in a lot of pain, and also try many infusions and shots with no results.. now I starter a acupuncture last week for the first time, and it did helped a lot I'm having my secon treatment tomorrow.. can't wait to fill Bette. Good luck!


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