Apparently RA can be cured in a month

Got really annoyed today. Went into my local health food shop and my husband got talking to a random stranger. In the course of the discussion this stranger told us to watch Dr John Bergman videos and we could cure all our health problems. I was fuming. According to this man nobody ever need take any medication. Apparently Dr John Bergman can cure cancer, diabetes, RA and all other health problems. I don't think I'll be going back into that shop in a hurry.

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  • It infuriates me too. This diet, that doctor, this bracelet.

    So why aren't we all cured then ?

    They are just making money out of vulnerable ( and I mean us , really wanting a cure) people x

  • It annoys me too.There's always someone who knows better isnt there?

    So if it is all so easy why are we all still suffering?



  • 😡 I know the feeling well - some people are so patronising it's unbelievable. Sometimes I really want to say to them that there is a really great cure for egotistisim and that all you have to do is go to the beachfront, find 8 of the roughest pebbles and stick them up yer arse 😂 Lol

  • I often think of making up some (harmless) disgusting recipe &'telling all these smart Alec's it cured me.

    Trouble is,the fun would come watching them taste it day after day!

  • Make sure there is plenty of syrup of figs in it! 😆

  • If only !

  • Sad empty greedy souls battening on the suffering of others desperate for, if not a cure, at least some relief. At least getting really jumping up and down angry gets the blood flowing and gives the muscles a work-out


  • Wasn't in Oxford was it?

    I was browsing a health shop today an overheard the owner giving some really unsound advice.

    On the whole I'm not adverse to folks using alternative therapies, I've used some for certain things myself. I do object when when a health food shop assistant, who is not medically qualified gives advice on serious illness in a child, whilst touting very expensive products.

    I'm afraid I left without buying my oat milk. Cheaper in the supermarket anyway!

  • Don't you just love amateur 'experts'

  • My partner and I refer to such folks as WE-KNOBS i.e. the We Know Betters of this world! Am afraid that there is always someone ready to give oodles of advice when they know little of the particulars of the individual concerned.

  • Wow - Who knew it was so easy? And here we keep struggling for nothing. This is much like Suzannadale's boss who could cure RA with just parsley...

    There is a lot to be said for diet and supplements. But every person, every disease, and every cure is very different, and I'm not convinced that one treatment fits all, especially with diseases that have no cure.

    I think I would have had to give them a ration before I left the shop though..

  • Gosh I missed that one! Parsley curing arthritis! 😜

  • Yes infuriating. 😣

  • Did anyone else get this 5 month old post pop up when they clicked on "Latest Posts"?

  • I think it came up because some recent comments were made.

  • Oh dear!

  • Yes, it's because of new replies, they've re-generated the post.

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