Pain in my toes not in my hands

Hi. I was diagnosed last year with RA. I have pain in my toes, elbows and knees but less in my hands. The pain in my toes has got worse and worse and hurts all the time. My feet seem to be very cold as well as though my feet are in a bucket of ice. Is this usual in RA?

The consultant seems very dismisssive of pain in toes but obsessed with pain in my hands which is nowhere near as bad. I'm told they think the pain in your hands mirrors your toes so they don't count toes. This is certainly not the case in my experience

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I think it must be a common thing as I get it as well ,it's like the circulation isn't getting to my feet , I can be lying in bed and my bodies roasting but my feets freezing

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Painful feet were the reason I went to my GP who suspected RD, confirmed a fortnight later. At that time I had no evidence of inflammation in my hands & still don't unless off all my meds so from that I take it they work most of the time. The thing about Rheumys & feet is that the joints aren't included in the DAS 28. I had similar trouble for 2 years, my Rheumy wouldn't examine mine despite the pain I was in & repeated asking. At one appointment I had nothing else to report so she examined them & confirmed I'd had disease activity in them & now have considerable damage due to being under medicated.

If your Rheumy will still not examine yours despite asking do ask if he/she will refer you to Podietry. It may help you to look into Raynaud's, that could be one reason for cold feet or toes. If you think it could be relative mention it at your next appointment.


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