this winter!

has anyone here noticed that this winter has been particularly hard to cope with? i've had RA for 3 years now and i've really struggle in the last few months ( i have fibromylagia too) my bloods are normal, i'm doing all the rights things, pacing etc but i was wondering if my increased pain and fatigue are seasonal due to prolonged cold weather. any feedback would be really helpful!

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  • I too have had a hard winter with my health. I had the flu which started the week before Christmas which lasted over six weeks. Then over the winter my compressed disc was giving me hell as well and the infusion i had on Sunday seems to have failed which has upset me no end,so this week has been particually hard and it is only Wednesday.

    The nice weather we have had few weeks means i have been able to get out in my garden and do a bit,even if it means doing only a little bit at a time and then resting before i do any more. Lets look forward to some better weather coming.xxxx

  • sorry to hear you have had such a rough time, its tough enough cope with RA let alone with a bout of flu and problems with your disc added on top. i've noticed that i am less resilient to coping with other illnesses now too, they really seem to knock us now and when your usual RA meds don't seem to work, its a double whammy! its nice to hear you have been in the garden, i sat in mine over the weekend and it felt such a relief to know summer is on its way!

    i hope you will feel better soon, keep up the pacing and thank you again for replying xox

  • It is true that suffering during winter is several folds and once spring and summer sets in, life is so much comfortable. I have lost lot of weight due to which winter was too harsh for me. My immune system was overactive and would cause inflammation for slightest problems. Now with spring around, it is such a relief. My rapidd heart beat has also calmed down on its own.

    You can certainly look forward to better days. Be assured of that. May you see healthy days soon.

  • that is interesting! i had an erratic heartbeat and i felt that my immune system was all over the place, for example, i was getting allergies to things i have been using for a long time. all these 'little things' seemed to make this winter so hard and tiring. i felt like i was having to cope with so much other than swollen joints. my heart beat has got better in the last month too. i wonder if the cold and lack of sun just sets everything off for some people!

    thank you for writing though, and for your very positive words, it is very much appreciated!

  • I'm glad to read this (obviously not for you) but to know there's someone else feeling the same as me! I too have struggled a bit this winter. I've had ra for several years moderate to severe at times but managed well with enbrel and sulphasazine. However The months seem to have dragged on especially from Christmas. I have horses and whilst they really keep me going and make me do things I've found it more than a hard slog on some mornings! Likewise bloods all fine. Pacing etc. Just ROLL ON WARMER WEATHER!! Hope things turn around for you soon TT X

  • And there's me thinking this winter was mild and wet! I tried keeping a record for a while to see if there was any connection between the weather and the extent of my symptoms. I know, too, that there is a big research effort with an app collecting everyone's experience. But I've concluded my disease goes up and down whatever the weather, .

  • thanks for writing! i will look into the app about pain and weather and see if that helps. its great to know they are spending time researching these things properly! roll on summer!

  • Tell me about it! I've had a similar winter to you...only in the last week or so have I felt like I'm finally emerging from a long hibernation. I'm pretty sure it's down to SAD (Seasonal Adjustment Disorder) in my case - might be worth looking in to? I bought one of those special lights and I have to say it has really helped - I shopped around as they can be really expensive and found a good one here:

    The fatigue aspect of RA kicked in really badly...many days were spent in PJs, not going out, riddled with 'all over' pain etc. Might also be worth getting your Vitamin D levels checked by GP. Spring is almost here, sunshine and better days lie ahead for us all hopefully!

  • thank you so much for replying, i sorry to hear you have been feeling the same way, but it was so helpful for me to read this. i felt so alone this winter, i think you are right about the SAD, i will look into this more, as i couldn't seem to find any reason as to why i felt so tired - and i am due to see the consultant this week so i will ask about vitamin d levels. it was so nice to see the sun finally here over the weekend, i hope you feel better soon too xx

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