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Traveling with Humria

I have ulcerative colitis and I am moving to Barcelona Spain from Australia for a few years. I am taking a years worth of my medication over with me and I want to know if anyone has had any trouble with traveling with Humira into other countries? I have a letter from my doctor ect. and I have tried to speak to the embassy but they just give me another number to contact and it is hard to get through to speak to someone.

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I think one thing to concentrate on is the airline. You will need to keep it cool for the whole of the journey, and that will probably need the help of the airline. You can't put it in the hold as that is too cold, so it has to be part of your hand luggage. And a year's supply is probably quite a big box?


I use Benepali, and mine state once removed from fridge for travel, they must be used within 28 days, unless you are able to ensure a constant temperature the same as your home fridge throughout the journey. I was told cool wallets do not ensure this, so if I travel with wallet it cannot go back in the fridge. Humira may be different though. Sounds like you are in for an exciting new chapter of n your life, enjoy


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