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Back. Again

In December l wrote to say l had drunken legs??? The out come was that my RA has decided to attack my discs in my neck it had broken a disc which caused my spinal cord to herniate through my vertebrae!!! Had operation in January to have 2 discs removed got 2 plastic ones and wire cage to keep it all in place. Have to wear a large soft collar 24/7! My hands are affected numb pins and needles and ultra sensitive and stiff and curling inwards. My legs will support me but won't let me walk unaided. I understand that it will take ages to settle down.lam on MTX 20mgs unable to tolerate Sulfazeline or Hydroxychloroquine. See Rheumy end of April. Fed up with the pain in my hands. Coping with the wheel chair outings to Dr's and hospital.

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Hi Frangill

Firstly when you say that RA has attacked the discs in your neck, is this how a doctor explained it to you? The reason I ask is because true RA only ever affects the first vertebrae in your neck because RA only affects synovial joints and the only synovial joint in the spine is C1 (the first vertebrae). RA doesn't affect discs

That said, I know how you feel because I have RA and I also (apparently coincidentally) have multiple herniated discs which have resulted in me having two lots of emergency surgery and have lead to very 'drunken legs' indeed. I am now about 18 months post surgery and am still recovering. My balance is still not good and I still use sticks to walk any distance, but it is still improving.

I guess what I am saying is try not to be too downhearted if things take a long time to improve. I have spent the last year in a gym as much as I can manage trying to get some strength back in my legs and to increase my core strength and balance, and it is finally paying off. But it has been a long and painful journey. At times it has felt like I was getting nowhere, but in reality the difference now compared to 12 months ago is immense.

I can't stress enough how important a tailored physical program of exercise has been in reducing pain (both from RA damage and from my back) and increasing mobility and balance.

Good luck with your journey, there is hope but it takes time. A long time sometimes.



Thanks for your reply. To be honest l don't know if it's the RA or just old aged discs!!! Feel better now l have soft brace and able to sleep without it!!! My worse pain and discomfort is my hands. They don't open properly super sensitive to Everything. Has anyone tried CBD oil for nerve pain???? I don't want to put any more nasties into my system!!!


I've just bought a medipen (CBD vaporising pen) to try out, only had it a few days so too soon to say if it's doing anything but I can tell you that, in terms of safety, it is a lot better for you than most of the pharmaceutical remedies we take. The NHS is doing a trial with them at the moment I believe, and there is a growing body of evidence that they have some beneficial effects with pain in particular.

They aren't cheap though.


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