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Flare up

Does anyone have this terrible pains in shoulders, arms and hands when in bed of a night. There is not so much swelling but excruciating pain. Cannot sleep or turn over.i have a rerrible flare up at the moment Rheumy has put me on 6 sulfasalazine tabs a day, and a month later I'm still the same. I have Had RA in my wrists hands but now she it seems to be moving round my body. Frightening. I would be grateful for some info. Wishing ou all a gbood day.

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i find that hands object to staying still and start to object especially after an hour or two's sleep or even when sitting still (which I don't do very often) But when travelling or in the cinema etc. I can feel them swelling and warning me..

And when shoulders have had a flare but are settling in the day they still hurt at night - positional I suppose

Perhaps you need to contact your specialist or rheum nurse to see if you need your meds reassessed?

hope you're better soon


I saw Rheumy a month ago, and all he done was up my sulfasalazine to 6 a day. And havnt got another appt till July. Thanks for your reply.


Me! 😆


Hi there I have terrible shoulder, elbow and hand/wrist pain at night especially when lying down. It wakes me up and some weeks I have to sit up to sleep (or try to) as lying down is too bad. Often I get up around 3 as I find moving around and being upright helps it a bit, then I go back to bed around 5 before having to surface at 6.30 :-(

Last week I ordered a shoulder heating bag from Wheatybags, it goes over the top of your back, across shoulders and over the front to sort of sternum height. I heat it in the microwave and sit with it on for a while before trying to sleep. It hasn't 'cured' the problem but it does soothe it a bit. It was about £19.

I also wear splints on wrists, not sure if you have tried this. Otherwise my hands are even worse as swell even more.


I had a terrible shoulder flare which lasted a few months. Try a body pillow it really does help you get into a comfortable position taking the weight off the shoulder definitely helped. Army yearly check up they gave me a steroid Injection in my shoulder and I am now pain free. I wished I had rang my consultant and had an earlier appointment. I won't hesitate in future! Good luck x


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