Thank God for humira. It's been working great since I have been talking it every week. Now I am pulling 10 hours a day. .back to myself for over two weeks.

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  • Really pleased to hear it. Best wishes.

  • brilliant good luck mary xx

  • Thats good news,but please don't burn yourself out by working too hard. I don't want it to come back and Kick you in the bum.xxxx

  • Thats great news lovely, really pleased for you. X

  • Wonderful news and long may it continue.


  • Good to hear your dking well. I had my 1st Humira injection this week but only getting fortnightly treatment. How long have you been on Humira ?

  • Frist shot was in Dec 2016 took every other week for 6 weeks then went to one a week .I hope that humira work's for you as it does for me.

  • It's is really good to have some good news - we tend to post when we have problems and forget to post when we are doing better. So thanks for remembering!

  • Great to hear it's working so well for you! ☺

  • Awesome! Congratulations!

  • Amazing!!! Not jealous at all!!! 😉

  • We are currently appealing to my doctor at National Jewish in Denver Colorado regarding dosage of Humira. I was dx in July 2016 with "aggressive" RA based on symptoms and high anti-CCP. I have been on methotrexate and Celebrex since then. Humira added in November at an every other week dosage. Was advised by a senior physician who now only does research that I should be on Humira every week. This was based on sonograms that he himself had performed on my hands and wrists. Took Humira every week and had amazing relief.. Especially in my cervical spine C1/C2. But my regular doc intervened and said she refused to prescribe weekly Humira because not FDA approved. Research says there is no greater exposure to the risks of taking Humira when it us delivered weekly or bi-monthly. Can you tell me the process you went through to finally get weekly Humira? Glad it is working for you. I hope to get on top of this son too but right now I feel like I am being taken over. 16+ joints involved. Flare ups and swelling have returned and permanent damage ( bony nodules, trigger fingers, and misalignment have already occurred in 6 months.


  • When I was taking humira every other week the swelling in my hands and feet was not responding to the treatment after the sixth week my rheumatologist told me I had to take in every week

  • Its fantastic that its working and I hope it continues, but may I ask how bad you were before starting on this medication?.

    I'm in constant pain but will be starting biologics next week. I hope there is light at the end of the tunnel.

  • My hands was swelling up so bad I could not use them

  • Hi grey witch good question. One that I would like answer to also.

    I started cimzia injection yesterday and awok in terrible pain today - I am terrified that it may not work...I know I am worrying over I have no control but nonetheless I am scared......

  • Biologics seem to work well for most, I'm just surviving at the moment not living. I just hope we all have good results and can get back to normal. Though I've forgotten what normal is lol

  • 🙏🏻 Good for you!!

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