its podiatry day for me

took half a sleeping tablet last night and i didnt sweat at all for some reason when i take half my mates sleeping tablet i dont sweat now that is weird.

Hope i can make that distance to the hospital after parking we will have to push this a bit feet well this morning they are stiff and dont feel part of me like the ligaments have sezed up in their they are like rock hard but as long as they dont go cold i should be alright I HOPE IVE MANAGED TO GET THOSE COLD SORES ON THE END DOWN QUITE A BIT TO but i have to keep wearing the same shoes with more room in the toes for me. And im sick of having to put pressure on the other leg to get round A year since i had my hernia opperation when all this started and i wish in hind sight i had never gone in and had it done would i have been ok or is it that that has started all this off again Then the next week i have my ultrasound scan on my ankle WHAT THE HELL WILL THAT SHOW nothing or somthing i hope it showes somthing up cant take much more of all this pacing myself and hanging about.

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Hope it goes well today for you.xxxx


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