I have been on this medication before and my rhumey wanted me to try it again along with the Tocizumab infusions/injections. I have the same side effects where it effects my bowels. It is if I have lost control, they become very soft and it can be embarrassing as I can sometimes not make it to the bathroom in time. I sawait my GP and she put me on imodium but said only to take an half hour before going out due to all the other medications. I said it is ad if I have IBS but she couldn't give me anything for that. I would appreciate if anyone has anything like this. I understand it isn't a nice subject to discuss. I have had bowel cancer testing done over a year ago and they have come back clear. I have noticed several messages on here and it has made me wonder if I need to be retested. I see my GP next week and my Rheumatologist the following week.


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  • I had similar when I started on Sulphasalazine. PIcklednuts post above reminded me of that horrible time. Basically I couldn't eat or drink anything an hour before I went out, or while I was out of the house, because of the excitable state of my stomach and the immediate reactions from eating. Hugely embarrassing, so I sympathise. And you're right that it felt like the description of extreme IBS (which I've never had). After about 6 weeks it slowly started fading away, and now I'm fine with Sulpha and have been ever since.

    Not the same drug I know, but might give you hope that the horrid effects will go.

  • Thank you for your response I will see my GP next week and discuss again as she said I was unable to take anything due to the other meds I am taking.

  • I developed lymphocytic colitis about a year after the PsA diagnosis and because of the colitis my rheumatologist didn't prescribe leflunamide because it is known to cause bowel problems. Clemmie

  • Thank you for your response I will speak with my GP and Rheumatologist to see if I can take another med instead of leflunomide. This is the 2nd time I have been on this medication with bowel problems.

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