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Liver results

Hi all, I've been quite good lately other than my readings are high on my liver results 😁 That's with NO alcohol at all ☹️ Having a scan tomorrow so hope all shows ok? Rheumotologist has decreased MTX from 20 mg to15mg so I hope this improves the results😉 I was also told to take 200 mg of HYDROX instead of 400mg - A week later pain back in feet and wrists now told to go back on 400mg - Has anyone else had a similar experience? I would appreciate any feedback 👍 Wishing everyone a pain free unfatiged life 👯💕💋

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Yes, I've had the same issues. My GP is more worried than my consultant.

I had a scan just over a year ago and apparently have non alcoholic fatty liver disease.

I've been off alcohol completely (it's amazing how you crave for something just because you know you can't have it!).

I'm back on 4-weekly blood tests. It settled for a while but is high again. I'm feeling good at the moment, my RA seems under control.

I'm on 22.5 mg MXT, so I suspect at some point that will need to change.

Try not to worry - I don't. I work on the basis that the experts have it all under control 😀 xx


Hi, I have recently experienced rising ALT results (peaking at 95 when should be below 52). I was on 10mg of methotrexate but I have been told to stop until the ALT reduces back to normal. I am now only on sulphasalazine, having stopped hydrox recently to try to combat my fatigue problem. I have continued to drink alcohol but only 4-5 units a week (and not on days around methotrexate).

I guess we are all different and different approaches will work accordingly.

I hope that you get stable again soon.


I ended up having to go off MTX entirely as a result of over a year of high ALT & AST. Still trying to find the magic combo to get things back under control again. So frustrating. Good luck to you.


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