1st visit to physiotherapist

hi everyone today was my first physio session, I was expecting an ear bashing as I thought ive not come on far in 2 weeks, but far from it they were pleased that I'm getting on top of the swelling, pain not that bad 7/10 I would say, loads of ice seems to help, on arrival my bend was only 65 degrees after he had a push and shove without to much trauma he got it to 75 degrees said that's ok and we will be at 90 in two weeks (don't hold your breathe)

they make it all sound so easy but what I did agree with he said with tongue in cheek, you've got pain without exercising so you might as well have it with exercising, have to push a bit harder after tomorrow when my clips come out, day of rest tomorrow then back to action Friday

well clips out tomorrow not looking forward to it never had staples before just suteures

thanks for the replies I enjoy the comments

kindest regards

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  • Good news 😃

    You might find that when clips come out it will be easier to get the bend.

    You are doing really well at just 2 weeks post op.

    Thanks for posting.

  • Good luck for tomorrow! It will be worth it all in the long run . I had an op on my shoulder some years ago , Decompression surgery , it took 3 mths of physio to get the movement back but it was worth it . I hope you have the same success, i can relate to your diary 😀

  • Well done derek - so good to hear you a bit brighter and that you saw some significant progress today. Keep it up, you'll get there in no time.

    I had 24 staples in each knee - nurse was at it for ages! I have to admit, it was pretty nippy getting them out aonid advise you take your pain killers beforehand.

    Wishing you continued progress.


  • Watch out for those "Day after physio" aches & pains ...don't get disheartened day 2 willl be much better!

    You'll be back playing footie in no time!

  • im 57 so I think my football days were over, anyway I wish id never seen a football before lol that's what got me in this mess

  • I know what you mean....but I was serious...the day after physio.....especially the first session will initially make you think 'never again'!

    As you may have read I recently broke my arm, now I go to the physio thinking it's getting better & the next day I feel as if I'm back to square one.....but it's just that day..I went on Tuesday & yesterday it was really achey.....this morning I'm up & about & it's much easier.

    So good luck & I'm sure a youngster like you will be off & running in no time!


  • Lovely to hear from you and so glad you got a good Physio. Met a friend this week who is nearly 4 weeks post op.(no RA but a TKR) He confirmed v painful days after exercise but he had managed to get to the pub!

    Good luck with staples coming out - sure it will make movement easier.

  • So pleased for you Derek. You sound far more positive now. Keep up the good work.

  • Hi Derek. Try not to feet too much over the clip removal. I may have been lucky but I found the clips a darn sight less uncomfortable than sutures.

    Big hugs xxx

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