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RA and job offer


Hi Everyone

New to the site. I've had RA for 2 years and finally it is well managed. Also finally I have a job offer which I've accepted but now I have been sent forms asking about health BEFORE having got a contract. Worried the job offer might be retracted it I mention RA but I do want to be open about it. Not sure what to do or what order to do it in.

Anyone got experience of this kind of situation?


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I would contact the NRAS helpline. I would also contact the disability legal services charity. My understanding is that firms cannot ask about previous health now. Also RA is classed as a disability so you may have more rights. Good luck x


Hi Bluebelly

Now that you have a job offer, your new employer would have to prove good grounds (such as your condition preventing you from being able to do the job) to retract the offer on finding out about your health. It is therefore generally recommended that if asked a direct question about your health it is best to be honest. It also helps you in being covered by the Equality Act, which gives you certain rights at work, and this includes the fact that work would have to make 'reasonable adjustments' to help you to do the job. If they have no means of knowing that you needed this help under the act because they were unaware of your health condition, you wouldn't be covered by it.

I think you may have spoken to one of my colleagues on the helpline, who will be sending you a booklet, but in case you haven't, here's a link to our publications section, where we have 2 work booklets which may be of interest:




Thanks for your messages. All very helpful. Yes I would like to be honest so will be and will keep fingers crossed (and hope I don't have a flair). Also will look at the NRAS booklet. Thank you!

Most places ask for health questionnaires to be filled in so offers are subject to that and references etc. I recently went though this myself and I spoke to my new manager about my diagnosis. I was lucky in that she used to be a rheumatology nurse so completely understood my condition. I would say be honest. Tell them you have RA but also explain it is controlled. They shouldn't not give you the job for that reason. At the end of the day they will know what you have and potential implications. No one knows what's around the corner for anyone. Someone may not have a long term condition when getting a new job but might do some months later. If right now you are fit to work in that role then there won't be a problem.

Don't forget your Disability Employment Adviser at the Jobcentre-they will support you and help provide the employer with reassurance and any special equipment that will help you in the work place. Their support can be invaluable with any concerns an employer may have when employing you. Good luck.

To me honesty is the only policy. Aside from the legal position of what you have to say and what your new employer can or cannot do personally i would prefer to go to a new employer with all my cards on the table. If they realise that you are someone who genuinely wants to work and who has strived to get back to your current position they will realise that they have a valuable employee and hopefully will be willing to compromise if you need to attend clinics or bloids etc. I must add that you should be extremely proud that you have fought your way back to being able to work and are so determined, well done you. I would give anything to go back to work and im sure you will inspire some to keep trying.

Thank you! I am grateful to have the opportunity of a job but just feeling bit anxious about making sure I get through to day one and that thereon in I can do it without flair ups etc. as it will be the first full-time job since being diagnosed. Leaonwp - hang on in there - it took AGES before I was finally on meds that worked for me. Good luck to all and thanks for your messages and advice.

Good luck with your new job! You're right to be honest. I was lucky to get a promotion in my job even though my new manager knew I had RA. It's well controlled though and nobody would know unless I told them.

All the best

Ally x

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