Hair loss

Well been on Leflunomide since early November now. Seems to be doing the trick nowhere near as much pain. BUT my hair is getting thin, always had thick long hair but now it has been coming out everytime i brush, wash it. Rhumy has said give it till March next appointment to see if it is still happening. Does anyone have or had this problem does it stop after a while?

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  • Hi Nairny - My doc gave me Folic Acid to partially help with the MTX, but also to help prevent hair loss. It has done really well for me.

  • I did on MTX but not on LEF. Mine came out in handfuls so I suppose its a lottery in that its unpredictable. I wish I could help but sorry I can't.X

  • Thanks, yes i had folic acid with MTX too but not on LEF. Will ask my helpline i think, thanks for replies.

  • Hi Nairny, I took leflunomide after finding mtx made my hair come out. Unfortunately leflunomide was just as bad. I read back through my post from 3yrs ago and it seems my hair stopped coming out when the dose was lowered to 10mg. Unfortunately it wasn't enough to control my rheumatoid disease though. I find hairloss really hard to live with. Hope you can find something that helps. I've used Nioxin shampoo, Biotin supplements and really good conditioners but unfortunately nothing seems to help if I'm oñ certain drugs. x

  • don't forget that there is a lapse of time between the hair follicle stopping growing and falling out - around three months for head hair usually I believe. So whatever was happening about three months ago is what is affecting your hair fall right now.

  • Oh didnt know that! Will havento think about this. Thanks for the reply

  • I don't know about leflunomide but my hair came out a lot when I started Mxt . After about 6 months it began to slow and now I dont seem to be losing any . My hair is a bit thinner, but it's not bad at all now. You might well find the same with your drug.

  • I lost hair on methotrexate but not nearly as much as I did when I was on leflunomide, it frightened me. When I washed it, it blocked the plughole, I would find long strands of it all over the place. I also lost weight too and my nurse took me off it. I think it has recovered now and grown back normally, but I just hated seeing it looking so bad. When I went to see my nurse I put some of the previous few days hair loss in a plastic bag to show hair.

  • Sounds the same for me. Thank goodness it has grown back normally for you. Thank you all for your replies.

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