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Hi, I've been on HRT for 6 years, and the doc has told me I have to come off it. So I slowly weaned myself off it and I felt dreadful, palpitations, very bad anxiety and terrible headaches. I gone back on them and don't really know what to do? The doc gave me antidepressants but they make me feel awful! Does anyone know what herbal medication I could take?

Thank you

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  • Hi

    Sorry you feel so awful. I do know there is a cream that can be rubbed into the skin. However, I think you'd have to check with your doc, as there could be some dodgy interactions with dmard drugs and alternative meds.

  • Hi Lit,

    How slow was slow? I've no experience so kick me into touch if this sounds crap!

    I would expect to take up to 6 months on weaning of a med I had been on for 6 years (a month for each year) to allow my body to readjust and its own 'systems' to balance out again without being unduly stressed.

    All the best


  • I havent met any one who has come off HRT and felt better - so I fight to stay on it - Ive been on it now for 20 - 23 years and love it. My consultant said not to come off it because with RA I have enough problems with my joints etc and need all the protection I can get to stop things becoming worse- But there again Ive met women who wont touch HRT - me I think its wonderful - like you I came off for 3-4 months and it was awful- HRT doesnt have the awful side effectcs of methotrexate and other drugs we take. I suppose its up to the individual - im the only 70yr old I know who still has periods !!! lol - Good Luck xx

  • I've been on it 20 years after I started taking it at 45 when my husband died and I was all over the place. I have patches which have been great. Wouldn't be without it. The thinking has changed a lot over the years and some doctors are happy to let you stay on a low dose . As Lorna said we have enough to contend with and stronger joints and a bit more energy are very welcome. I don't have periods anymore tho thank goodness.

  • Hi lornaisobel

    I' thrilled you were able to stay on HRT for that long. I was denied it after 15 years and it was awful. Grovelling and begging for years and I got it back only to be felled by frequent cracking migraines. End of HRT. It doesn't suit all but it was good for me. I went cold turkey which was not fun but back to my version of "normal"within 6 months. Hope this helps.


  • There are some I know of that can help with anxiety depression - St Johns Wort for example but it might be better to check with your gp before taking herbal Remedies , if your on other medication.

    Herbal doesn't always equate safe.

    In the mean time, you could burn some ylang ylang ( essential oil) as this too is meant to have a sedative affect and help Lift mood?

    Sorry I can't be of much help, it I genuinely hope you get something to help you And begin to feel a bit better soon.


  • You are right...I stupidly tried echinacea when I was first diagnosed( I think my brain was in my elbow!) & my RA went ballistic.

    After I had breast cancer (already had RA) my oncologist said to leave all herbal remedies alone......I did & so far most of the nasty toxic RA drugs I have taken have kept me mostly on an even keel!

  • I'm always wary given the heavy meds we take .


  • Why does the doctor think you "have" to come off it? If you don't have other risk factors like high blood pressure, and have no breast cancer in the family then shouldn't it be our choice as to what risks we are prepared to take?

    I'm in a similar'ish position and so far the docs have given way when I've dug my heels in. The only time I tried to come off them I had a massive RA flare, as well as all the rest. But the pressure is on, as the doctors' guidelines are to get women off them after 5 years/age 65. So I reckon the day will come for me too, and I'm dreading it. Why can't they just find a risk free version? I certainly don't want to swap HRT for anti-depressants!

    So not much help I'm afraid. I did find some useful advice re alternatives on the menopause matters site, plus they seem to consider that it's our choice!

  • Thank you for all your replies, the doc wants me to come of it because she says there is a risk of breast cancer and ovarian cancer, but there's none of it in our family. Maybe I should ask her if I can stay on it a bit longer as I feel okay on it and have no side effects, it's only a small dose anyway two patches per week!!

    I will let you know how I get on! X

  • If you can come off hot do. It gave me breastfeeding cancer some 18 years ago try your herbal if you came xxx

  • I have also tried to come off HRT but the good outweighs the bad. I have been taking it since 1969. A nd have heard so many write ups the last being that it's nowhere near as bad as first suggested. It's about quality of life as well. Good luck with this

  • I am still on HRT and taking Sulfadalazine which my RA isn't controlled. Seeingrhumy on Monday see what's next have also tried methotrexate and leflunomide x

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