Chronic gut problems: some relief!

Hello folks

I was diagnosed last year with diverticula disease, after suffering from chronic diarrhoea, and stomach pain for over a year. I was surprised by the diagnosis as I eat a plant based diet. To be fair, I have also eaten crap!

Anyway, for the past few months I've increased intake fermented foods ( I make my own kimchi). I also drink diluted apple cider vinegar about twice a day. I actually like the taste so no hardship.

Since doing this my gut has significantly improved. I have also stopped taking nsaids, as I noticed gut pain after ingesting. It's a pity I can't take them (even with omeprazol) as they do help, but I've taken them for years and I don't think they're doing me any favours. It's not a good idea to take them with diverticula disease anyway.

Just thought I'd share improvement in case anyone else is suffering with gut issues.

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  • Good for you, I am sure taking control of your own diet and finding what works for you is a great help. They always say we are what we eat ! A bit oversimplified. If it's working for you and helping can only be good. I know for definite, gluten doesn't agree with me. I keep my sugar intake to low sugar fruits as much as possible also, and no processed foods. It helps with inflammation and my Hashimotos. All the best X

  • Thanks Gigi71

    I'm just making another batch of fermented veg. The first time I made it, I nearly forgot to loosen jars while fermenting. Could have been explosive!!

  • Oh my goodness. I have a recipe for Saurkraut I keep meaning to try. Will make sure I don't do that. Thx.

  • Thanks Hector, it's always pleasing to hear some good news. Funnily enough, I've just been told to stay away from fermented food. I'll use my own judgement. Just goes to show how different we all are and react. Glad for you that you found something that helps.

  • Oh, Ok. Yes we are all different. I know you can't eat fermented foods with certain drugs. I was told to stay away from them when on MAO drug. Thankfully I'm off that!!

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