Bursitis anyone?

At least that's what I think it is? It's pain on outside of hip, near top of leg. I went to the GP, he was his usual disinterested self. Don't GPs examine folks any more? He just told me to take ibuprofen...or come back if leg drops off. OK, not the last bit, but I'm sure he was thinking it!

Everything is flaring up a bit if I'm honest. Will be interesting to see what bloods show next week. If they are elevated I will ring rheumatology and ask if I need to increase leflunomide. or maybe the leflunomide is making things worse before they get better? I've only been on it five weeks.

Who knows? I haven't quite lost my sense of humour yet!

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  • When does it hurt most? On yourside,at night? Trochanteric bursitis. Often secondary to back problems andposture defects as a result apparently. It troubled me for a long time in both hips after my spinal fractures. It was solved each time by injection of steroid into the bursa. The injection was a little uncomfortable as it is quite a deep injection and I felt bruised afterwards but the bursitis cleared up.

    I hope this helps. It was my physiotherapist who diagnosed it and recommended the treatment to my GP who gave the injection soon after that.

  • Yup, very painful at night when lying on it.

    Thanks 😃

  • I found it hurt most when the bad side was on top. It seemed like the sagging of my top leg down to my lower side caused pain by stretching the area. Pressure on the bad side was better, like rubbing a sore spot in a way. We're all different of course!

  • I've had back problems since my twenties. Usually when waking. Now back hurts all the time I'm going to ask my rheumatologist about it next time I see her.

  • Oh NettieC I have bursitis in both my hips, it is a killer and yes at the top of my hips on the outside. If I walk too much or lay on my side when it is flaring it is really painful. I hope you get some relief. Try some heat packs that can help

  • I have a bursa on the hip and l can have a steroid injection in it once a year used to be twice!!! I have had 2 right hip ops!!!! I haven't been able to sleep on the right side since 2006.!! Happy Christmas and New Year

  • Oh dear, that's not good! Sorry to hear that.

  • Hi...I have the same pain groin /hip outside. ..had dexa scan a week ago to see if it's ostioporosis my gp is saying it's showing on x rays....Dr wanted to know what happened at my mri to start. ..I've never been sent to one ...anyone else? ?? I had a lovely rhuma consultant then she left...now have some young women who sent me for a ultrasound guided injection before checking my hips ...so confusing how are we supposed to know what we should be sent to x tc sarn

  • Hi I have it on my left hip, physio says she inject it if it gets any worse

  • Trochanteric bursitis - I have it too. After several injections, which worked for a limited time, I now take turmeric and do pilates and other stretching exercises which helps. Hope you manage to resolve it soon. Nightimes and first thing in the morning were the worst for me.

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